Monday, December 10, 2012

Just Seussin' Around Town: Logi's First Birthday

If we didn't have birthdays, you wouldn't be you!
If you'd never been born well then what would you do???
~ Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday To You! 

I decided to do a Dr. Seuss theme for Logan's first birthday. Being a former teacher you all know how much I LOVE children's books. Plus, the bright colors, fun rhymes, and whimsical look to everything Seuss had me sold. I had more fun planning Logan's birthday party! Most of the decorations I made, ordered on Etsy, or already owned from when I taught and we celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday. 

Welcome to Logan's Seussville! Won't you come in?

The menu for the party was:
-Assorted Greens & Other Things (Salad for the grown ups, Pouches for the kids)
-Top Hat Skewers (Fruit Skewers)
-Fish in a Dish (Goldfish)
-Green Eggs and Ham (Pretzels with Candy Melts)
-Truffala Seeds (Various Candy)
-One Fish, Two Fish, Jello Dish (Blue Jello with Swedish Fish)

For drinks we served:
-Moose Juice (Beer)
-Seuss Juice (Juice boxes, soda, water)
-Beezlenut Splash (Mimosas, Rum Punch & Blue Lagoons)

This was a last minute addition, but one of my favorite ideas! The adult bevs in mini mason jars were a hit.

A lady who works out of her home here locally, Ruth Robbins (and is very reasonably priced I might add) did his cakes for me. I absolutely loved how they came out!!!

Betsy, who is a friend of a friend, did the cookie favors for us. Her company is called Cookie Couture Co. and is located in Mansfield.
The tags, which I found on Etsy, say "Today was good! Today was fun! Thank you, thank you everyone." and the poem on the little hand print Thing 1 & Thing 2 is one I just made up.

Personalized plates from Amazon
A couple of months ago Zulily had a big Dr. Seuss sale. I bought several Seuss games and puzzles to scatter around the house for the older kids.

And now for the PARTY!!!!!!!!!!
Logan was pretty congested and not feeling 100%, but overall he seemed to have fun and enjoy the party. That was all that mattered!
And he wasn't the only one enjoying himself...

A couple of Seusses

Insert Uncle Chris stage right- there wasn't a single picture of him with his eyes open! Guess the party put him right to sleep or something... =) We love you Uncle Chris!!!

Always perfectly put together! Adorable!
My favorite one year old guy!!!!

Question: What if Liz had married the OTHER David???

Blondes + Babies
Nick's friend Greg decided to change Logan's outfit on us as a mean and terrible prank.

Logan was none too happy when we stripped him down and put him in the high chair. But when everyone started singing he went into typical Logi curious mode and perked right up.

"And mannnnnny more!!!!"

 And then he dug right in and ate more cake than one baby should ever really eat.

I {heart} baby toes

Logan got so many wonderful presents! I'm excited because he really didn't have a lot of "older baby" toys.

Giving bear on the card from Great Aunt D'lynn kisses

The hit of the party was his "Carroll Dragon" from Grammy and Grandpa!

 Our future Dragon, just like his dad!

What a wonderful, wonderful day for our wonderful, wonderful boy!!!! Thank you for taking a peek!

Today you are you!
That's truer than true!
There's no one alive
Who is YOU-ER than YOU!

I am what I am!
That's a great thing to be!
If I say so myself-
~ Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday To You! 

And just because it's funny...
Like father and aunt
And grandpa
Like Logi


Courtney Squillante said...

Cute cute cute!!

emily said...

I seriously love every detail! You totally missed your calling!!

I simply cannot believe his birthday is already here. Seems like yesterday I was anxiously waiting for his birth announcement!! (yes, that makes me sound stalkerish!)

Jules said...

What a perfect party for a precious One year old! You planned such a cute party!

Jocelyn said...

So sweet... and what a fantastic looking party! You (and your friends) did a GREAT job!

Happy birthday, Logan!

teacherJillK said...

Adorable! What a wonderful party and fun memories!

Melissa said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing all the details!

Whitney said...

Such a great party! Happy Birthday Logan!

Debbie said...

perfect!! you got every detail and then some. awesome job!! can't believe he's 1!! :)

Regina said...

SO CUTE!!! Great job!

Brooke said...

The Dr. Seuss party was so cute! You did a great job. Your ideas were adorable!

Jalei & Lane said...

Wow! Everything turned out so cute!

Anonymous said...

Super cute party...the love in the details was amazing. I found your blog through a friend of a friend etc. One question...where did you find the Quiet Book? I'm wanting one for my niece & nephew.

ChelseaSalomone said...

Thank you all for the kind comments.

I purchased My Quiet Book on Amazon. The link is here:

Depending on your niece and nephew's ages I would also recommend one called "Right At Home" (also on Amazon). It is PERFECT for Logan's age. It's putting animals in and out of their houses. Very basic fine motor.