Friday, May 22, 2015

Tools For 2015: Tool #4- Personality Tests

Have you spent any time learning about different personality types? Over the last couple of years I have done this, and I can't believe what a positive impact it's had on my relationships, especially with Nick. It helps to explain, for example, when he's spent four consecutive days out at The Colonial Golf Tournament and I've spent four days with the kids by myself, cleaning up throw up and washing bed sheets and he walks through the door and says he's just exhausted. It helps me not to throw a shoe at his head. I actually understand now, because I know that he's an introvert and so spending days and days having to be "on" in a big tent with lots of clients and work people really does drain him. 

One of the most well respected personality tests is called the Myers-Briggs, and it breaks personalities down into sixteen different types. I think of this not as a way of categorizing people or making excuses for certain behaviors, but as a way to truly understand myself and the people I love better. HERE is a link for an awesome free Myers-Briggs assessment. 

The other thing this makes me think about is the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Several years ago a marriage counselor suggested Nick and I should read this book. 
Without overselling it, I would say this is one of the top five things that has made the most impact on our marriage. There is a quiz you take to determine your love languages and then chapters about each type- what it looks like to receive love and give love in that way.

Think of two people trying to communicate in totally different languages and the problems that would arise. One thing that stuck with me the most was that the book pointed out people usually try to show love to others in their own personal love language. One of my biggest love languages is called acts of service. (So when my dad comes and fixes a bunch of stuff, or my mom makes us a meal or Teri folds a load of laundry for me while she's baby sitting---> so loved!) As a result, one default way I show love to people is by doing things for them, because that's what I would want them to do for me. This explains the disconnect when Nick would come home from work and I would say, "I went and got your dry cleaning. Then I picked up that hair gel you needed. Then I cooked us dinner. Then I started a load of laundry." And he would just stare at me blankly. Meanwhile, his primary love language is physical touch so all of those "acts" are lost on him and he's just thinking, "Gosh, why can't she stop and just give me a hug when I come home after a long day?" You can see the pattern. 

Have you read this book or anything about Myers-Briggs? I would love to know your thoughts and whether or not you thought the personality type described you!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pride Cometh & Pride Goeth

I generally try to keep bodily fluids out of all my posts, but this is one I had to write down for my own posterity. This is motherhood at its finest.

Monday night Nick and I had just turned out the lights when we heard Logan crying hysterically on the monitor.  Turns out, he had thrown up all in his bed. Nick gave him a bath and brushed his teeth while I stripped his bed. Throw up was in his sheets, his mattress pad, his pillows, his rug, all his stuffed animals (thankfully the lavender eye pillow was spared)... I pretty much wanted to burn his room down and call it a loss. We ended up just putting Logan in bed with us for the night. The weird thing was, he was acting perfectly normal like nothing ever happened. He was excited to be sleeping with us and kept asking if I would go play toys with him or turn on the TV. The next morning, totally fine, like nothing ever happened. I debated but ended up taking him to school since he wasn't acting sick at all.

I picked him up and his teachers said he had acted fine all day, the only strange thing was he hadn't touched his lunch. I needed to make a quick stop by the eyebrow place before heading home because {{priorities}}! I gave each of the boys a snack, Everett was in the stroller, Logan was sitting in a chair playing. Things were going swimmingly. Just as Sunita was finishing up, my eyes started watering really badly and one of my contacts fell out. The thing you need to know about me if you didn't already is, I am totally blind. Like no joke, one time my eye doctor told me she has A patient that has worse vision than I do. (A patient. As in ONE.) So I stood up to pay and was fumbling around trying to make heads and tails or the world when Logan pushed the stroller over to us. He stood next to me for a minute and out of no where, projectile vomited all over everything. If you've ever seen that movie Sandlot, picture it just like that. Throw up spewed all over the floor, the chairs, his clothes, just every where. Then before I had time to make a move, he did it a second time. And naturally, right about that time, Everett started crying in his stroller.

So there I stood with throw up everywhere, half blind with one kid crying and just generally in a very bad way.

Luckily Sunita has two small kids of her own, and she couldn't have been nicer. She was so sweet to Logan and actually told me to just leave the mess. There is no way I would have ever done that to her. We got some paper towels and I started fumbling around wiping everything up, and then she located some spray and Lysol wipes and I went over everything again. I got Logan's clothes off and into a bag. Well the whole time this was going on, Logan was cool as a cucumber. Again, still not acting the least bit sick. Typical Logan, he hovered over me as I scrubbed the mess and asked me a bazillion questions over Everett's cries. Mostly, what he kept saying on repeat loud enough for the entire shop to hear was, "Mom, why do you think I keep frowing up everywhere? Why am I? Why am I frowing up so much, mom?"

I wanted to crawl under a rock. You know the other people in there were just taking it all in in horror, cursing me for bringing my sick kid out in public and silently backing towards the door. All the while Everett is still crying. I'm still scrubbing and fumbling around blindly. Logan is standing in his Despicable Me underwear and tennis shoes going,"Mom, why am I frowing up so much? Why am I?"

Needless to say, I left a huge tip and we high tailed it out of there the second everything was clean. We walk of shamed it across the huge parking lot with me pushing one crying kid in the stroller and holding the naked one's hand. I one eyed it home, and I swear to you- I would have been better off having a couple of glasses of wine and making that drive. My blindness is seriously a problem.

By that point I felt absolutely horrible for sending Logan to school and exposing all the other kids. I had just about worked up the courage to send an email to all the parents in his class, when I found out he probably had food poisoning. On Monday night after his t-ball game we had gone to get ice cream with some other people. Logan wanted a hamburger and two of the other people we ate with had hamburgers also and got sick at the same time as Logan. It made sense why Logan never once slowed down or acted sick and made me feel tons better for sending him to school around other kids. Guilt averted! And since the eyebrow incident, he has been totally fine. You would never even know it happened.

The thought actually crossed my mind to take Sunita some flowers today, but I never got to it so maybe tomorrow. I still feel so terrible! Being a mom is hands down one of the most humbling jobs on the planet.

But then, there's this...
Nick took this picture last night before the boys' bedtime. I just kept looking at it over and over thinking, how did I get so lucky? This right here is every thing I always wanted. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Things Grown Ups Do

Here is something that doesn't happen every day-- Nick and the boys were down the street playing with neighbors, and I was on the back porch reading in the hammock when a neighbor texted me to say there was a giant turtle in our garage. A giant snapping turtle to be exact. I don't know about where you live, but that's not something I hear about happening too often in these parts. 

Just about the time I spotted him Nick and the boys were coming up the drive way and saved the day.
Turtle in bucket- CHECK! This was some type of wild, rabid turtle I swear. I get all shivery just thinking about it. He kept snapping and lunging at us with all his nasty diseases- ICK!!!

We put the bucket in the back of Nick's truck and drove down to the lake to let him go. Of course, we had to make a stop around the corner first so everybody could see our new pet who had escaped the bucket. 
Lindsay and I kept laughing (and then shrieking as the evil turtle snapped and popped at everybody!), this is country living city folk right here-- hordes of people gathered 'round to see a turtle. 
Logan drove us home from the lake. Not really, but he did drive around the block. Do your ever kids do this? We always did growing up, so I don't even think twice about it, except I do because I think, what if someone calls the police? Gosh, we rode around in the bed of my dad's truck quite a bit growing up (cringe!), and that was just the most fun ever. I mean, I can see why that's not the best idea, but it is a little sad Logan and Everett will never know the joy that is riding around in the back of a truck eating sno cones on a hot summer night. 

And speaking of the block...on Thursday night I went with some of my high school girlfriends to see these hotties: 
I'm pretty sure this was circa 1988 Teen Bop or Tiger Beat magazine. Don't you wish your husband had a vest or a star shirt like that?
The concert was at AAC in Dallas, and it was actually Nelly, TLC (or "TC" if we want to be politically correct since Left Eye is no more) and New Kids on the Block. A sampling from each decade, 80s, 90s and 00s.
We had the very best time! We laughed and laughed until our sides hurt. The concert was about 50% cringeworthy and 50% awesome. For one thing, I'm pretty sure none of their dances or costumes have changed a bit. TLC wore gold, baggy hologram looking overalls. And there was one point where graphics of floppy disks- FLOPPY DISKS- were floating around on the screen. And it is just.. well it is just something else to see 50 year old men singing boy band songs and doing hip thrusts.

NKOTB was before my time, but I was always a fan. I even have a Donnie Wahlberg Barbie doll with a rat tail floating around in a closet somewhere at my mom's house to prove it. I used to have a VHS tape of one of their live concerts, and I wore that thing out. I guess that's how I know all their songs, I'm not sure. We were amazed we knew every lyric to so many songs we hadn't heard in years and years.
In the end, NKOTB totally pulled it out. I mean, I was always a Jordan Knight fan myself and he was impressive. He did a pretty intriguing little strip tease type dance at one point, that was equal parts impressive and ew. I bet you $50 he needed a chiropractor and some ice after it was over.

Nick and I sometimes watch that show The Wahlburgers so it was fun to see Donnie, he was by far the best entertainer. Sadly, Joey didn't wear his hat without the top, but he did bring his little boy out on stage who stood on the piano and sang a song with them- and I mean- stop it. We were all the biggest NKOTB fans there ever were at that point. It was such a fun, fun night with some of my favorites.

Saturday morning was Nora and Hattie's Minnie Mouse birthday party!

It was every bit as cute and well thought out as I would expect from Kimba. Every last detail was adorable, and my boys had the best time! They were sweaty, sleepy and happy when we left the party. How Kimba manages to do everything she does with two small kids and a third on the way (!!!!!!) is just beyond me. 

The brothers look so big sitting at the table together!

On Saturday night my MOPS group had their end of year party. Teri kept the boys so Nick and I could go. We had a backyard BBQ and a battle of the sexes themed games. 
Nick was kind of grumbling about going since he didn't really know anybody, but it ended up being a lot of fun I thought. We sat with Tamara and her husband Greg, and they had us in stitches the whole time. They are hands down some of the funniest people I have been around. They are so witty and off the cuff and down to earth- I love people like this!
After dinner drinks started flowing and the games began. One of the challenges was Guitar Hero, so I took one for the team and dusted off my skills. I am not at all ashamed to admit, Nick and I used to invest our time before kids playing hours upon hours of Guitar Hero and binge watching Entourage. Ah, the good ol' days. 

Katherine and Patrick's kids had gone to their grandparents' house, and Guitar Hero was being played loudly and some other people were upstairs playing pool, and everybody was mixing drinks and really letting loose- and for about 10 minutes I had this weird sensation of being transported back in time. It was like a college house party on Pintail Circle, only in a really nice house and with a bunch of old people. 
Well then reality set in and I realized it was not, in fact, ten years prior because Nick got a panicked call on his cell phone from Jaymi asking if we had a shop vac. She and Cody were trying to install a new dishwasher and didn't get the water turned off completely causing their entire kitchen and family room to flood! Of course we left the party right away to go help mop up water and do whatever we could. I felt so bad for them, it was quite a disaster!
Jaymi's shirt "THESE ARE THE DAYS" = classic!! Could not have picked a better shirt if she'd tried. Also, you'll notice Hudson trolling around in the background with his rash guard and gloves on. He's nothing if not prepared. 

Today we went to church and lunch with Nick's family, and Andrea & I went to yoga while the boys napped. It was a great evening for playing outside (and capturing snapping turtles).
The other exciting thing that happened this weekend was we had some new landscaping done! Layne makes fun of me for this sort of thing all the time. She's young and vibrant and things like new pots and pans and landscaping and bags of goods from Soma Intimates don't blow her skirt up like they do mine.
I really wish I had taken some before pictures so you could actually see the difference. Basically, in the front, we had the flower beds extended, stones and boulders put around the perimeter and all the existing plants were shifted around and new ones put in. 

They were able to reuse almost everything we had before, either in the front or back, so that made me really happy. The last thing we need to do is just plant a few flats of seasonal flowers, and the front yard will be done. 

In the backyard they raised up the flagstone on the sitting area and made defined flower beds and planted all kinds of plants. 

Around the pool they were able to use a lot of our existing bushes and plants from the front yard. There are two other flower beds and some crepe myrtles they planted in the backyard I forgot to take pictures of, but I'll stop there because I realize plant pictures are basically no different than vacation pictures. (No one cares but you!) Nick and I are both so happy with how everything turned out!! We can't wait to see the yard once everything really blooms and fills in. We've never had any kind of actual landscaping done on either of our houses, so this was very exciting to us. 

We have a couple of other house projects coming up- the next one is painting the exterior of the house. That is the kind of thing that's practically painful to spend money on (like an air conditioner or a hot water heater or a roof), but it needs to be done in the worst way. 

So, in a nutshell, that's the sort of thing grown ups do. Go to Nelly concerts and play guitar hero at house parties and spend money on plants and paint. It's all very exciting. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Hair Post

There are a million and one Pinterest posts and You Tube channels all about how to style your hair, so simply take this for what it's worth- the tricks and products I found to finally make my hair curl. 

My hair is thick, heavy and straight as a board. If I ever go somewhere and have my hair styled or blown out, I always get the upcharge for "extra time,"or when Evan does it, he blocks off additional time on his books. This is why I almost always wear my hair short, because it is heavy and it's a whip to blow dry every day.

Also, it has never held curl well. I've certainly never been able to style it curly or wavy by myself until recently. Either the curls would fall out and my hair would end up looking awful, or I would crease it and just make a mess of it before I even left the house.

These were the gorgeous beach waves I created a couple of years ago, following the careful instructions of a YouTube video and using a diffuser:
Beautiful, right?

This was extremely "curly" for me AND this was at the beach. So this was absolute best case scenario. 0.00% chance of repeating anywhere outside of a beachy climate. 
But alas! There is mercy in the world and justice always prevails, and now my hair will do something besides STRAIGHT.

I'm laughing b/c this is the most un-Nick pose on the planet. It's amazing. Saving it in my back pocket for later. Nick, you're welcome.

Here is my current hair line up:
Living Proof Restore Shampoo + Conditioner
>>**Living Proof Prime Style Extender**<< #1 Favorite Hair Product in the history of time- it has done for my hair what the Chi did for it in 2001.
Kenra Hot Spray (a key player, you'll see in a minute)
Living Proof Intense Texture Mist (probably any texturized would do)

It doesn't really matter if I start with clean or day old (or two day old) hair. This is what I use:
1. Spray Kenra Hot Spray all over my hair- this stuff is awesome. It's is a combination firm hold hair spray and heat protectant. This is the only thing I've found that actually holds curl in my hair. If you wake up and mindlessly scrunch your hair into beautiful waves and then go about your day (Liz, I'm talking to you!), just know I am incredibly jealous. 

2. Curl- the secret I've found is using a curling wand rather than a curling iron. I just have a regular Remington curling wand I picked up on sale at Target, similar to THIS. There is no science to it, by any means. It does take a little practice (so you don't burn yourself), but you seriously just wrap your hair around the wand any which way (big pieces of hair or small, it doesn't matter). It doesn't crease and my hair holds curl so much better than with a curling iron.

One trick Evan taught me is, you don't have to curl the bottom layer of your hair. First of all, you don't see it and it saves time. Secondly, it would make your hair too poofy if it was all curled. I clip up the very top layer of my hair and leave the rest down. Then, I start curling, leaving the very bottom parts untouched. I tried to take a picture, but it takes two hands to use the curling wand so I didn't have any luck. This is what it looks like when it's finished. 
3. Lastly, I spray a little texturizer in my hair and some hair spray (pictured above). A few hours later it magically still looks like this:

The only other tip I can offer is, a couple of years ago I finally spent the money and bought a nice blow dryer. I have THIS one. If you have thick hair and spend a lot of time drying your hair, you might think about it. It has been well worth every dollar for the amount of time it saves. 

If your hair is similar to mine, I hope this inspires you to try something new with your hair!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Eye Pillows & Sleep Battles

I sat down to write this post and then got interrupted by a call from the peanut gallery to come upstairs and rewarm an eye pillow. I'm afraid I've created a bit of a monster.

Logan and I have this thing for lavender eye pillows at the moment. You see, he and I each have these silk eye pillows with rice and real lavender inside. You stick them in the microwave and 20 seconds later, you have yourself the coziest, most delicious smelling, warm pouch of relaxation and goodness imaginable. You can put them over your eyes, on the back of your neck, on your chest... the possibilities are practically endless. Any time we're headed to bed he and I are sure to have our warm eye pillows in tow. Why wouldn't you, really?

Well, this whole eye pillow business is about to drive Nick nuts. He thinks our eye pillows are totally ridiculous and the rice stinks, and he can't understand why we are always making a fuss about them. And I admit, it's gotten a bit out of hand.

It all started a month or two ago when Logan was coughing, I was trying to think of something warm to put on his chest. It dawned on me to use a lavender eye pillow I had in my night stand. I rubbed some essential oils on Logan's chest and set the warm eye pillow on top like a compress. Well, believe you me, Logan was a fan of the eye pillow after that. So then any time he was headed to bed he wanted to take my eye pillow with him. One fateful night when we were in the throes of the stomach bug, I had to change his sheets in the middle of the night and ye old eye pillow got washed and ruined. Naturally, this devastated us both, so I got online and ordered a new eye pillow for each of us. We anxiously checked the front porch for packages every day (Logan sometimes 3 or 4 times a day), and our new eye pillows eventually arrived and the two of us have never felt more relaxed or cozy as we sleep.

But you know what is the last thing a three year old needs? Something to be more high maintenance about or a way to stretch out bedtime even longer. Warming up his eye pillow and then calling us to come rewarm it because it was "warming off" (cooling off) was becoming a regular occurrence. And I'm sorry, I'm here to serve, but this isn't the freaking Grand Wailea Resort & Spa. I don't have time to be warming eye pillows on a whim.

So Nick and I had to taper him off. He is now allowed one eye pillow warming per day at nap or at bed time, and that is it. Poor thing, he is just living an insufferable existence! His wife may one day hate me for this, but I promise, I'll instill ten other good husbandly habits in him for this one minor blip. So the kid likes a warm lavender eye pillow, who can blame him?

Speaking of Logan and sleep- THANK GOODNESS- nap times have returned in full effect. We had about 3-4 weeks there that were seriously a struggle every single day. He and I would engage in a full blown power struggle when it was nap time, and I would find myself yelling, threatening and on some occasions even spanking him. I honestly hated the parent I was being when it came time for his nap. I'm really not a yeller or a freak out kind of mom (even if I'm yelling or freaking out on the inside), but I just didn't know what else to do. He was pushing me past the limits of my patience. There were several days I would go downstairs while he kicked and screamed and banged on his door and just cry out of anger or frustration, because I didn't know what else to do and I hated he was getting the best of me. The end result was always: Logan wouldn't nap, I was all wound up, and by 4:30 or 5:00 he was in full emotional melt down mode.

There are only so many times you can call your husband at work to vent or your mother-in-law or your mom or your best friends, before you just have to regroup and say, this is NOT working- we need a new game plan.

It may seem like a minor thing (and in the grand scheme of things it is), but I spent a lot of time praying about it and just asking God for some guidance on how to be a better parent in this situation. I felt like I was doing a disservice to us both. What ended up happening was I signed up for the Positive Parenting Solutions video lessons to get some fresh ideas and tools. Then, the very next day I went to MOPS and our speaker just happened to be a lady teaching about Love & Logic. The irony of that is, one summer I was a trainer of trainers for Love & Logic in the classroom, so it was all stuff I knew, I had just forgotten or somehow stopped using on my own kid.

I can't tell you what a difference those two things made, mainly with me, which then of course impacted Logan. Now, his nap times have returned to exactly how they used to be- a no fuss deal (minus the occasional eye pillow requests), and he naps for a couple of hours pretty much every single day. Sanity and peace have returned, and it's glorious!!!

Here is what worked for us in that specific situation:
More than one magical thing that fixed everything, it was more of an attitude shift from me that transferred to him. I quit getting worked up and emotional and freaking out that he wasn't sleeping and was going to be tired and ruin our evening etc. etc.

I sat him down one morning and told him we weren't going to keep doing the things we were doing at nap time. I told him I wasn't going to yell at him or spank him any more, and that from now on, I expected him to stay in his bed quietly until nap time was over. (He knows nap time is over when the green light on his clock comes on.) I told him if he chose to come out of his room or throw a fit at nap time, then we would have to put the child lock (or padlock, as you may recall) back on his door until nap time was over. I also told him he didn't have to sleep (this was a hard one for me to say), but that he did have to rest quietly in his bed until his light came on. And then, what we've always done is- if he naps that day, he gets to stay up later after his bath and watch movies or play. If he doesn't nap, he goes right to bed after bath time when Everett goes to bed. For Logan, I think this system helps motivate him to nap tremendously.

I need to wrap this up now, because nap time is quickly coming to a close. This was such a random post, and nothing I intended to write about today. I am headed to the New Kids on the Block and Nelly concert tonight (!!) so I need to get my pleather pants washed and butterfly clips in my hair before the boys wake up. I'll leave you with a picture of my smiley lunch partner:

Have a great afternoon, friends!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Mother's Day weekend was especially enjoyable this year! We had a lot to celebrate. 
Friday was Nora's first birthday! Kimba and I took the kids to Paradise Pond to play and then had lunch at Jason's Deli, per Nora's request of course.
As we were finishing up lunch Kimba and I realized we were both headed to the grocery store, so we decided to just make it a big group shopping trip. I think that may go down as one of my most random, fun mom memories with Kimba to date.

First, Hattie and Logan switched spots on the way to the store so Kimba and I each had one boy and one girl. 

Hattie is a complete love bug, and Logan is always pretty aloof so Kimba and I just about died when they were holding each others' hands walking into Kroger. That is a first for sure.
Everett's pretty crazy about Nora himself. And seriously, how can you keep your hands off those sweet, squishy Vestal girls?
Nora's like, "Gah! Why do you guys have to be so embarrassing in front of my boyfriend??"

We got everyone situated in the cart and made it about 30 seconds before a fight erupted between Logan and Hattie. They were riding in the green car at the front of the shopping cart with only one steering wheel, but four hands. Clearly, this was not acceptable for either party. So then we decided to divide and conquer, Kimba and Hattie set out in one cart and Logan and the babies and I in another. Next thing you know, Logan needed to use the bathroom, which of course meant we had to track down Hattie and Kimba, and Hattie needed to go too. The rest of our Krogering went about like this, but somehow, Kimba and I still managed to get our shopping done and were no worse for the wear. This is further proof that four kids in the last three years has made us bullet proof. We never could have tackled this task and stayed cool as cucumbers in our twenties. Kudos to us, Kimba. (An alternate explanation would be, we have just become incredibly beat down and chaos no longer phases us.)

Kevin was in town from Houston for a couple of days to play golf and go to a Texas Tech fundraiser with Nick. Unfortunately Nick was still sick and felt pretty miserable while Kevin was here, but on Friday night we did all go to Chuy's for an early dinner.
E + "Untle Tevin," as Logan says

Saturday morning Kevin left and Logan was supposed to have a t-ball game. We got about half way to the fields and it began to monsoon, and the radar showed hail headed our way. We turned the car around and came back home, and spent the rest of the morning sitting on the floor playing with the boys. 

Logan actually had the attention span to sit and play board games all the way through. We played (a fast version of) Candy Land, Hungry Hippos and Hi Ho Cherry-o! This could have been my Mother's Day present enough. I enjoyed Saturday morning so much!

Since he started his antibiotics last week, Everett has transformed into the very best version of himself. I didn't realize how fussy and clingy he has been for weeks and weeks.
Even my mom and Teri noticed a difference. Not to mention, his ears must have been so clogged because he has been a complete chatter box all weekend. He probably said 6-7 new words just in the last two days. I'm fighting hard not to let myself sink into mom guilt for not putting him on antibiotics sooner, and instead just focus on being thankful he feels so well now. That's easier said than done though. But I will say, when I took him to the doctor two weeks ago his ears were perfectly clear, so I don't think (at least I hope) he hasn't been walking around with an ear infection for a month. I have very much enjoyed his happy, spunky, delightful self over the past few days.

Saturday night Nick and I had a much needed date night. I can't remember the last time just the two of us went and did something fun together, and we were needing it badly!

Naturally, we started off the night at Kroger, because what says romance like a jumbo pack of toilet paper and some Delsym? 
We couldn't get a dinner reservation until 8:00, so we had some time to kill once the baby-sitter arrived. Poor Nick was still feeling pretty lousy and had been awake coughing the last two nights. You guys know I am all about the oils and crazy witch tonics, but I'm telling you-- we are past that threshold in our house. Bring on the Delsym.

We tried a new restaurant that blew us both away called Trio Cafe in North Richland Hills. It was pricey, but the food was unbelievable. The best meal I've had in recent memory, which I totally wasn't expecting. They also had live guitar music and BYOB which added to the win column.
Dessert: Chocolate souffle with sea salted carmel ice cream and carmel popcorn

Sunday we woke up to more monsoons. We had planned to go to church with my mom, but quickly shifted the plans once we saw the weather. Instead, we spent the morning with two little critters cuddled in our bed, watching the iPad and climbing all over us. I had a big mug of hot tea, lots of love from my boys and I got to shower and get ready in total peace and quiet. The cherry on top was a beautiful new watch Logan and Everett picked out for me. It was a great morning!

The weather tapered off and we met my mom for brunch as planned at a French restaurant in Arlington. 

The boys were shockingly well behaved (maybe they got into the Delsym?), and it was wonderful to have a nice meal with my mom. I couldn't ask for a better mom- she is amazing in every way!
This pack of people makes me tremendously lucky!
Saying some more new words, looking like a grown kid on the way home. He looks so big here!

We all took long naps that afternoon and went over to Al & Teri's for dinner on Sunday night.
Another one that makes me so lucky. I am deeply appreciative of Teri and all she does for me and the boys.

But, after all that- the very happiest part of the weekend was this:
Andrea and Chris moved home after living in Missouri, and we couldn't be more thrilled!!!
Andrea got a great new job, and they are in the process of finding a new house close to all of us. Yayyyy!!!
 "Now all I need is a cousin and life is gravy!"