Monday, July 25, 2016

Camp Thurman & The Weekend

On Sunday morning the three brothers were cuddled under some blankets on the living room floor watching their shows before church. I looked down at them, and I swear it hit me like a ton of bricks. I might have flinched, or even jumped a little in my chair. When did this happen??? How do all of these kids belong to Nick and I??? Did we mean to do this??? THREE OF THEM! It all happened in the blink of an eye, I know that much! It's exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. 

Some days I feel like I should be driving my MINI Cooper around Dallas, fresh out of college. Of course those days are long behind me, but it's just crazy how time jumped from there to here so quickly. 
Now Everett's in on the morning petting sessions of Beckham

We had a good weekend! Nick and I have been so tired the past few days thanks to a certain someone. He does make a cozy little napping partner, though!

On Friday evening we took the boys to a local jump park to burn off some energy and went to a pizza place for dinner. Saturday morning we went down to Cleburne to visit Nanny, and the boys had a blast! They loved seeing the cows and riding around in Nanny's mule. Logan was all ready to spend the night if we would have let him. 
Saturday night Nick & I took my mom and his parents out for dinner just to say thanks for all their help the past few weeks. They have been a huge help to us and have definitely made our life so much easier. On Sunday we went to church and over to Al & Teri's for dinner.

Today was Logan's first day of Camp Thurman, a local day camp. Last night I was laying out all of his stuff, putting things in bags and attaching printed labels with his name on his things (these were left over from preschool, I didn't whip these up or anything).
I have to admit, I was nervous! Going to day camp seems like such a big thing, so I wanted to make sure I had all of his stuff in order. I'm sure by the third kid you just give them a ham sandwich and a pat on the back, and send them on their way.

The happy campers this morning at drop off:
Hattie and Logan seemed so big! There were so many other kids... it felt a little bit like sending them off to college. Logan had the best time and hasn't stopped talking about the snack bar, swimming, his counselor and the skits since he came home. I know it's such a great experience for him, but again- how is time going so fast??

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beckham Hayes @ 1 Month

Yesterday I posted this on Instagram, and my mom and I had a text conversation afterwards that went like this:

Mom: One month?? Beckham isn't a month old today!
Me: Well four weeks. Close enough.
Mom: No. That's tomorrow.
Me: Today's Thursday, right? He's four weeks old today?
Mom: No. Tomorrow. Today is Wednesday.
Mom: You need more sleep.

So Beckham is officially in the four week/one month-ish range, and we're just gonna go with it. Poor third kid!

There isn't a whole lot to say, because Beckham has been super easy. I'm whispering that last sentence while looking to my left and right, real paranoid like. I don't want to jinx anything.

But I'll run into people I know, and they come up to me and get this real serious, low toned voice and go, "Well.. How's it going? How is it with three?" 

And I'm pretty sure they think I'm lying, but I tell them it's fine. Actually, it's great! We're all doing really, really great. 

"I'm not one for pleasantries and Pollyanna, so I would literally tell you if it weren't fine," I want to say. 

I didn't expect things to go this well in the first month. I struggled soooo much the second time around, it's a nice change for things to be smooth and relatively easy this time. I'm SO, super grateful to have such an easy baby and lots of help from friends and family. It's an excellent combo. 
B is the sweetest, happiest little guy ever!! If his tummy is full and his diaper is clean, he's content to hang out wherever and watch what's going on. 
He loves to snuggle, loves to drink his milk and loves for me to hold him. He is a super noisy eater and sleeper. A few nights ago I moved his rock & play to his bedroom and since then, he's been sleeping so much better! He is going 4+ hour stretches, usually eating around 10:30, 2:30 and 6:30. Technically, that's only like waking up once during the night so THAT IS WINNING!!! 

Before, Nick was sleeping on the couch, Beckham's sleep was inconsistent, and I was constantly not sleeping because of all of the newborn grunts and groans. I didn't put a lot of forethought into it or make any kind of official decision, I just dragged the rock & play to his room one night, and he's been there ever since. 

We love this baby of ours so, so much!

But especially one of us...

I could make an entire photo montage of Logan and Beckham. Seeing Logan with him has been such a sweet, precious gift to me. 

This morning I woke up at 7:00 in a panic because Beckham hadn't eaten since 3 a.m. I heard rustling on the monitor and looked and saw this:
Logan was standing over his little bed "petting him" (as the boys say) and talking to him. He had carried a bunch of Legos in Beckham's room, and was holding them up one by one showing them to Beckham (who was asleep, by the way). My heart pretty much explodes on a daily basis. 

At one month-{ish} post partum I am feeling really good! For the last week and a half I've basically felt back to normal. 

I gained thirty pounds with this pregnancy, and I have somewhere in the ten pound range left to lose. Today one pair of my normal shorts buttoned (tightly), so that felt pretty good! I still have all the squish and fluff and jiggle and after baby markings, but just being able to button a pair of shorts and see the scale reach closer to normal is encouraging. 
Beckham went with me to the Annual Ladies' Summer Brunch at church this week. 

And just to keep it real, because I can't in good faith post a picture of myself wearing a dress with my hair done without posting a more accurate depiction as well- this was me today (and most days recently):
#killingit #luckynick Because the baby and also this horrible, horrible heat!!

Logan took one look at me this morning and said, "Mom- when are you going to start wearing your dresses and make up again?" 

Let's work on me keeping the days of the week straight and then we can worry about appearances!

Happy one month Baby Beckham! We love you more than your tiny heart can even imagine. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Momin' Around Town

Being a mom is super glamorous. 
Just now, I finished pouring a kettle of boiling water down my bathtub drain in an attempt to melt the bath crayons Everett broke and shoved down the drain. Normal, right? I'm not actually sure this will work, but it's cheaper than calling a plumber so it's worth a shot.

Logan is doing Space Camp in Ft. Worth this week. Nick dropped him off on his way to work this morning, and Everett, Beckham and I went to pick him up. I spent some time mapping this all out. It's a 30 minute drive each way. Camp ended at 11:30 and Beckham would need to eat around noon. I packed a DVD for the car and planned to put that on for the bigger boys while I fed Beckham in the museum parking lot. You forget how you are always on the clock with a newborn. 

When we picked Logan up Beckham was still sound asleep and both older boys were in great moods. Logan asked if we could please go to McKinley's for lunch, so given everyone's compliant attitudes, I decided to give it a shot. There are plenty of things Logan and Everett don't necessarily do well, but for the most part, restaurants is one they both handle very well. Before going in I gave them the "There is one of me and three of you, so you MUST be good listeners and behave" lecture, and I have to say, they did great! My first 3:1 lunch at a real, actual non-Chic Fil A place goes down as a smashing success. 

Beckham woke up just as we were finishing lunch, so I planned to feed him in the car while the boys watched their movie. That debacle was an entirely different story. The good behavior train had left the station for 3/3. Beckham was fussy and ready to eat, coupled with a missing pacifier fiasco. We never use our car DVD player, so I couldn't get it to work exactly right. The boys have to wear headphones for sound, and Everett's kept sliding off which made him lose his mind. Logan was mad about the volume and something or other with the movie. Needless to say, when it was said and done I was sweating and all three were wailing. 

Despite the tears and sweat, I would consider this morning a win. We drove to Ft. Worth, picked Logan up, had lunch out, and made it back home in one piece. A guess after a couple of kids you're broken down enough that it really takes a lot to make you lose your cool or consider something an out-and-out disaster. Still...

It's a good thing they're so cute!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nope, this is NOT the college try

Here's what happened. The week before Beckham was born I got a wild hair and ordered myself some Birkenstocks. I'd been spying them on many a cute foot coupled with skinny jeans, with shorts, with casual dresses for months wondering do I/don't I? 

I didn't order just any pair of Birkenstocks, mind you. I went big, I went bold, and I went all in. I went pink snakeskin. Because obviously, that's something you won't regret when you look at pictures years down the road. 
But literally, if there were ever a Birkenstock that screamed Chelsea, THIS IS THE ONE.

I was clomping around the house in them the day they came in just as Nick came home from work. Nick never notices ANYTHING like that, but he spotted my hot new shoes right away. "I....Ehhh... That's... one way to go," he said, treading ever so carefully in the uber-hormonal, pregnant waters. You do you, Nick Salomone. You do you.

Jaymi saw them a couple of days later and just laughed. She and I have a phrase called, "Give up clothes," that we throw around from time to time, and she definitely threw my shoes right into that category. I later showed them to Emilee, whose 20 year old eye would surely have an appreciation for such high fashion, but she laughed too. "Will you keep them?" she asked incredulously. As I said before, you do you, everybody.

I've waffled, but I'm here to report the pink snakeskin Birks are here to stay! I think they're super rad, a little flashy and totally fashion forward.

Speaking of current rad things, can we talk for just a second about this Pokemon Go insanity? Erin explained the whole thing to me since my technologies peaked at Instagram, and I sat there slack jawed on the phone. IS THIS FOR REAL?!?! People are chasing around little inanimate objects?

Then she went on to explain that people will congregate in spots for 30 minutes or more, just sitting there waiting for a Pokemon to appear. These people need J-O-B-S is what they need. What's worse, Erin also told me burglaries are occurring because of it. Something about luring people away with Pikachoos and then robbing their houses. What the what?!?! As if we weren't certain before, society is literally collapsing before our eyes. All this coming from a pink snakeskin Birkenstock wearer, so if Pokemon Go is your jam, more power to you. I still can't believe it though. That concludes my thoughts on that.

The last few days have been a blurry mix of days at home/normal life out and about plus one more/ me sitting on the couch crying because I feel like the WORST mom ever to Logan and Everett because I'm always feeding the baby/ I have milk all over my shirt for the 50th time that day/Why does the baby want to nurse AGAIN/ I haven't even made it to the shower at it's 4:00/I haven't slept in so many days.... and all the other postpartum woes. Newborn days can be rough goin'.

That said, Beckham really is SUCH a sweet, easy baby.  We got super lucky with this guy!

Nighttime sleep is hit or miss, but that's to be expected. We've tried him sleeping next to me, the rock & play, the swing, this contraption in a moment of desperation... It's all just about the same. Some nights he does fairly well, other nights he and I are up a lot of the night. I know it will go quickly, it's just a matter of getting through it.

Breastfeeding is finally getting better. We are on the upswing for sure. I feel like the majority of last week was spent trying to survive and sort that out. Three weeks in, and it was still horribly, terribly painful. I knew something wasn't right. I had to think long and hard about whether or not I could stick it out, or if it was time to throw in the towel. The only thing that kept me going was that this isn't my first baby, so I knew how easy and great breastfeeding can be, and I felt like I would be sad in a few months and regret giving it up. I can't believe it, but I've actually grown to like breastfeeding. 

Not sure what else to do, I ended up having the Lactation Consultant come back to our house. "We will absolutely get this figured out," she assured me in her British accent. "You keep with it and don't stop giving it the college try." 

If she knew ANYTHING at all about me in college (and my affinity for afternoons spent at The Exchange pool rather than going to my statistics class), she would know for sure, this is the opposite of the college try.

In summary, to get to where we are now, it required:
-2 visits from Cathy Poppins, which set us back well over $200
-2 prescriptions from Dr. Snead (that did nothing)
-1 visit to the chiropractor for Beckham
-An $80 breast cream that required going to three pharmacies to finally get correct
-Nursing on one side, pumping on the other, and giving Beckham a bottle for three days

Needless to say, I can see why people give it up. It has not been easy. I'm extremely thankful to have the time and resources to make this work. 

Cathy concluded that everything is working like it should- no tongue tie, latch is great, etc. but Beckham is clamping down his jaws when he eats and causing all kinds of damage on my end. The cream (called APNO) I had to go on a wild goose chase to find helped a ton, as well as taking a break and pumping on one side for a few days. Also, just him getting bigger and figuring things out I think. Cathy suggested taking him to a chiropractor to gently massage and relax his jaw muscles, but I'm not sure that really did anything.

I read on one website in the middle of the night when I was frantically searching for help, all breastfeeding issues can be solved with patience and persistence. It really ticked me off when I read it at the time, but it did kind of prove to be true. I think Beckham and I have worked things out!

Casey was in town from Houston, so on Thursday night he and I went to Dallas to have dinner with Casey, Liz and Natalie. We met at Rise and had such a great time! We sat and talked until after midnight, and even though I was exhausted the next day it recharged me in a way I was badly needing. There is nothing like good girlfriends! (And an easy baby who hangs out for five hours while you eat.)

This was the, pass the baby around so mom can finish her glass of wine and dessert before he needs to eat. We've got nine kids between the four of us, so we've kinda got the whole baby thing down pat. We missed the rest of our IKPi crew!!

Jaymi and Cody brought the boys over to swim and we ordered pizza one night (I have no clue which night that was, but pictures prove it happened.)

And on Friday Kimba, Jaymi and I took the kids to story time at the Fire Station.
 Everett was super obsessed with the bell.
This is an annual summer thing the Southlake Library puts on, and this year the theme was super heroes. The firefighters dressed up like super heroes and read a story to the kids, followed by a fire station tour. This is a fan favorite at my house. My boys are already asking when we can go back.

And then of course, they had to come home and dress up like fire fighters. 
Lots of love for his two little brothers (most of the time)...
There's a lot to love with this milk drunk, squish face.

All the heart eyed emoji's times infinity!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Adulting & The Marker Mishap

So, yesterday this happened...
And I don't even have any words except that it's pretty much on par with the Christmas present escapade last year, when he opened all his gifts at 5 a.m.  before any of us were awake. 

I bought the boys a pack of the Mr. Sketch scented markers (non washable mind you), thinking they might enjoy coloring with them while I fed Beckham. The fun was short lived. Logan liked smelling the markers but had no interest in coloring. Everett scribbled for about two seconds and was done.
At one point Logan held up the black marker to smell and a little dot got on his nose. True to form for Logan, this was a tragedy. He doesn't like food or anything else to get on his hands or face. So Nick jokingly said, "It's fine!! Go draw a moustache on your face to cover it up!" Logan thought for a minute, his eyes lit up and he said, "Can I?" 

Sure, we told him. I guarantee we both would have bet $100 then and there he wouldn't so much as put a single mark on his skin. More likely, we would hear frustrated wails and find a heap of wet towels on the bathroom floor because he couldn't get the original dot off. 

Well. Color us surprised. [Get it, see what I just did there?]

You see what emerged twenty minutes later. 

We couldn't be mad- how could you? We were so shocked and then laughed, and laughed, and laughed. From Everett, I might expect this. But Logan, our uber-rule following, Type A first born? Never in a million years! 
A vat of coconut oil + my Clarisonic brush + baby wipes + exfoliater left Logan with a very soft, purplish/gray tinted face in the end. 

We can all look forward to seeing these pictures again in two decades on his wedding slideshow, that's for sure!

Last night Nick and I went on a real, actual, kid free date!
I've shared before this before, but the newborn stage is never a strong suit for our marriage. I (we) are intentionally trying to do some things this time around to at least keep us afloat. 

One of them is a four week marriage class for parents of young children we're taking at church. Nick is super thrilled about this, BTW. Granted the timing is not ideal (or maybe it's perfect!), but last Wednesday night at 6:00 we loaded up our crew and went for week one. There are 31 couples in the class, including a few of my MOPS friends and our friends who live around the corner Rex and Kylee. 

Each week we are supposed to plan a date night and discuss assigned homework questions passed out in a sealed envelope to be opened on the date. It's all very official. That might be a little far reaching for us right now, but we'll do the best we can. Anyway, that was the original inspiration for our night out last night. 
And also, this. The delicious glass of sangria and the subsequent wine that followed felt very much deserved.

Leaving three kids requires a lot of forethought and managing moving parts! (And really awesome grandparents! Thank you, Al & Teri!) We purposely planned a late dinner close to home during Beckham's long, 6:30-10:00 sleep stretch. We got everyone fed, bathed, and Beckham put down with an emergency bottle in the fridge in hopes that Al & Teri wouldn't ever have to manage all three at once. I think it went well!

Of course we got to dinner and realized we had left the envelope of mysterious homework questions sitting on the kitchen counter. Nick was devastated. And thank goodness we did because...
Seriously?!? I can't. 

Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs will tell you it's impossible to calculate your "oneness" with your partner or reflect on the roles your family-of-origin modeled when you haven't slept in 17 days. Forget it. 

But we had a great time, and it was so refreshing to be out in the world adulting and sipping sangria again!! 
Kylee and Rex actually ended up joining us about halfway through the meal. We were texting about the absurd, missing homework questions of all things, and they were kid free enjoying beverages at home, and one thing led to another. 

Adulting is great, but a squishy, warm little bean in a Moby Wrap totally takes the cake.