Saturday, August 27, 2016

Q&A Wrap Up

I'm not quite sure what happened? I sat down and typed this all out last night, and then when I went to look at it a little while later, half of the questions had been deleted and the pictures were all scrambled. So frustrating! Let me try again...

Here are the rest of the answers from the Q&A post! I have included several links that I thought might be helpful or products I'm referring to. None of them are advertising or linked to commission. I promise I'm not trying to sneak any RStyle links past you guys!

What are your current favorite beauty products?
My friend Laura, who is incredibly knowledgable about clean beauty products, is a consultant for Pure Haven Essentials. She has an awesome FB group called Live Like A Hippie, Look Like A Super Model if you want some great tips and recommendations on clean cosmetics.

That being said, Laura is going to cringe right about now. My two current favorites are most certainly not clean. (Just look away, Laura! LOOK AWAY!)
Casey highly recommended both of these products to me, and like Laura, Casey knows what's up when it comes to cosmetics. 

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream (used like foundation) and Eyelift In A Tube = LEGIT I am loving both of these so much!

Other than yearly blog books [], how do you organize photos?
I have them organized in files on my computer by month and year. When I switched to a Mac a few years ago I wasn't good about keeping this up. Recently, I took my computer to a local computer shop and paid the guy there $100 to organize all of my photos. Best $100 I've spent, considering the hours that must have taken. I back up my pictures and files using the online program Crash Plan. It's inexpensive and super easy.

Also, on occasion I will make Shutterfly photo books of specific things (like a trip or when the boys were born).

How do you get over the guilt and worry about having second baby? Will I ever love another child as much as my first born?
That's hard! I felt this same way before Everett was born. I cried about it a lot, thinking it was the end of an era with Logan. I don't know that I really got over it until Everett was here. First, I watched Logan love him and help me take care of him as a tiny baby, and that was so special! Then, as Everett got older seeing the two of them become friends and have a relationship has been the best of all. They are such a gift to one another, both as friends when they get along, and to round out each other's rough spots when they fight.

You will definitely love the second baby as much as the first because each one will be so unique and different, even if they're the same sex. You will probably be amazed at your heart's capacity to grow with love! And you might even find you are able to relax and enjoy things more the second time around since you've done it before. Good luck!

Do boys ever slow down? I'm looking forward to hours of Lego play! Will that ever happen? 
I wish I had a video to post of the mayhem in our house every day. And then when Nick first comes home from work, or my FIL Al comes over, or my dad's in town... ratchet that up about ten notches. It's definitely loud and wild a lot of the time in our house.

That said, at age 4.5, Logan will sit and play with Legos for long periods of time when he's in the mood. Maybe 45 mins or an hour? Everett will sit and read books quietly for a little while, maybe 20 mins. at the most. They will both sit still and watch movies and TV shows. So... I don't know about hours of quiet play... that definitely hasn't happened yet, but maybe there's hope for you and me yet! And if not, there's always school, right? Ha! I think one boy might play more calmly and quietly than a whole herd of them mixed together, like at my house. It really is so much fun though!

What supplements do you take daily & what are your go-to's as far as your family's health?
  • Whole food multivitamin: The boys take THIS kind and Nick and I take the New Chapter Organics brand
  • Vitamin D in the form of cod liver oil: I take Green Pastures Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil and the boys take the liquid kind (orange flavor- usually mixed in their yogurt or apple sauce b/c it does not taste good)
  • High quality probiotic: I take THIS  and the boys take a powder version (mixed in their drink or stirred in applesauce/yogurt)
  • During cold and flu season only, Elderberry Syrup
How do you stay in touch and stay close to girlfriends while having young kids?
It's not easy! I would say texting and Voxer are the main ways I keep in touch with my friends in this stage of life. I am horrible about finding time to talk on the phone.

I make a point to remember and acknowledge my friends' birthdays, send cards, drop off meals when needed, and generally just let them know I care, even if we can't hang out as much as we would like.

My college girlfriends and I try to plan a trip or girls' weekend at least once a year. We visit one another in between, whenever we can, but we definitely don't have any expectations or get our feelings hurt when it doesn't work. We all do what we can, when we can.

It's a little bit easier with friends who live near by and have kids around the same age. We see our neighbors outside and hang out with them a couple times a week. I plan playdates on a regular basis with my friends like Jaymi and Kimba, who stay at home or work part time.

I am part of a bible study, which is made up of a small group of my girlfriends. It's very informal and we meet once a week at each others' houses at 8:00 PM. We usually meet for a couple of months and work on a study, take a month or two off, and start back up again.

Also, every couple of weeks I try to meet a friend for coffee, drinks or a late dinner after the kids go to bed. It's hard because we're both tired, but I always leave feeling so glad I went.

I wish I had more time to spend with my friends because they mean so much to me. But I think we all understand life is busy and enjoy whatever time we have together.

What are three or four characteristics you look for in a friend?
When I think about my very closest friends, they pretty much all have these things in common:
-They are good people through and through.
-Genuine: I would have a hard time being close with someone I couldn't be "real" with.
-Someone with whom I can laugh and have some shenanigans!

Two qualities I don't like are whiny, pushover type girls or overly dramatic girls.

How do you find time as a mom to lose the weight that creeps back once you wean from breastfeeding?
Um... as I type this I am literally eating ice cream, a chocolate chip cookie and sipping a glass red wine.

It's HARD to find the time to workout with small kids, especially when they're too young or you're not comfortable leaving them in a gym daycare. 

After both Logan and Everett I had to really work to lose the last 10-15 lbs. I did Stroller Strides (now called Fit4Mom) with Logan a few days a week. This was nice because I could bring him along for my workouts. After Everett I did Body Back, which is the Fit4Mom boot camp, and took lots of early morning hot yoga classes. 

I have the best luck working out early in the mornings (like 5:30 or 6:00), which is next to impossible until you start sleeping through the night again, I think. But if I wait until the end of the day I'm way too tired, and it won't happen.

My plan this time around is to take Beckham to Stroller Strides two days a week once the older two start school, and maybe look into Orange Theory or Pilates Barre classes once or twice a week early in the morning. I have heard great things about both and am excited to try them out!

What are some of our favorite recent purchases and what are you wanting to buy?

Here are three of my very favorite things I bought in the Nordstrom Sale. 

This tank is cool enough to wear now but will be perfect for fall. It looks great dressed up or dressed down and fits so well (aka forgiving in my mid section).

I love these shoes with shorts or skinny jeans for a casual, every day look. 

Our baby-sitter Emilee told me the Barefoot Dreams Throw was the best thing that ever happened to her relaxation life. She wasn't kidding! I bought a cream and gray striped throw I saw in the Nordstrom Sale. Logan, Everett and I are all obsessed. Every single morning one or more of us are cuddled up on the couch underneath it. This is a splurge that has definitely been worth it!

A few things I have my eye on...

I would like an Apple Watch. At first I really didn't think that was something I wanted. But the more nifty things I learn about them from my SIL Andrea, the more I like them. I especially like the fitness tracking feature. 

If I don't end up getting an Apple Watch, this is another cool one I have seen. 

I really like this pink coat.

My mom and I have decided we both need military vests we keep seeing everywhere. (Not matching ones preferably.) They look so cute with jeans or even layered over dresses. I tried on THIS ONE at Anthropologie. It's incredibly soft, lightweight and has a very flattering cut. If it goes on sale I just may buy it. My mom found THIS ONE at Nordstrom with a much better price tag. If she doesn't get it, I just may.

What are your guilty pleasures?
The Real Housewives of OC & gummy candy!

What eye cream do you use?

What are your best breastfeeding tips?
1. If you really want to do it, stick with it and don't quit no matter what! It will get easier! It was very hard for me for various reasons in the beginning, all three times. I've dealt with oversupply and forceful letdown, lip and tongue tie, a baby who wouldn't take bottles, a baby with a dairy allergy, and worst of all- a baby who clamped his jaw down and had a piranha latch. It wasn't ever easy, but it ended up being great. I think every month that goes by gets easier!

2. Find a lactation consultant or a local LLL Chapter if you need help. Our insurance co. reimbursed me for the lactation consultant home visits, but even if they hadn't it's cheaper than formula in the long run.

3. Buy yourself some awesome Gap bras! (I talked about them in THIS post) Sorry husbands!

4. Get a free pump from your insurance company. I switched from Medela to Spectra, and this has been a game changer. My Spectra pump is so much more efficient and comfortable to use.

5. If you're having issues or in a lot of pain early on, ask your doctor to prescribe the APNO cream. It helped everything heal quickly and made a huge difference in being able to nurse Beckham.

HERE are some breastfeeding pearls of wisdom I wrote when Everett was a baby.

What time do you wake up and go to bed? Do you wake up early to have "me" time? 
I normally go to bed around 10:30 or 11:00. I should go to bed earlier, but I really like having time to myself to unwind at the end of the day or spend time with Nick.

Before Beckham was born I made a point to get up early and start the day with quiet time. We're basically in survival mode in terms of sleep right now, so I take any sleep I can get and don't wake up a minute before I have to in the mornings, which means I wake up and have to be 100% "on" right away. I can tell such a big difference in my mood in the mornings, feeling rushed and frustrated with the boys, etc. I need that time to wake up and start my day on the right foot all by myself. Once things settle back down with sleep I hope I can get back to doing this again.

(Check out Kat Lee's Maximize Your Mornings for lots of good inspiration and ideas!)

How many days a week do you actually get fully dressed with hair, make up and cute clothes?
In the summertime, one or two. In the school year when we have more going on, probably three. The other days I'm in workout clothes and no make up. 

What are your family rules and discipline strategy, specifically for younger boys/preschool aged kids?
Not too long ago my friend Lindsay (who has four wonderful, polite kids!) and I were discussing this very thing. She was talking about how periodically you have to go back to the drawing board when it comes to discipline and come up with a new plan.

In July Nick and I decided it was time for a revamp. The two main things we wanted to focus on were the boys talking nicely to one another and obeying when asked to do something, rather than arguing. We had a family meeting and came up with these three rules.
Since the boys can't read, they glued a picture beside each rule to help them remember it. I think it's important that rules and expectations be super, super specific and not vague with young kids. Rule #2 is a good example of what not to do (it sounds good, but I don't think it's very enforceable), but we made the rules collaboratively and Logan really wanted that one. 

For consequences we do the same thing as I'm sure everyone else does. Time out in their rooms, loss of privileges, losing whatever they're playing with, and we do spank them on occasion when it's warranted. With Logan we've taken away his Under Armour clothes a couple of times. That may sound strange, but that is the one thing that really gets to him more than anything else, and sometimes you have to pull out the big guns.

I like the Love & Logic style of discipline (natural consequences), and my very favorite resource is Positive Parenting Solutions. There are some great videos and articles there, and I think their ideas and methods are spot on. 

We also introduced the ball jar back in July, which the boys love! When we catch them following the rules or being nice to one another or just being exceptionally good, they get to put a ball in the glass jar. When the jar is filled up we get to go do something fun as a family. 
Since its inception, the ball jar has been filled up three times. 3/3 times they have chosen to go get frozen yogurt. Not very creative, but it makes it easy on Nick and me!

Eventually we will need to tweak the rules and the ball jar will lose its appeal so we will switch that up, but it's working well for now!

Thanks again for all of the fun questions! I think I was able to answer them all. Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Your Questions Answered. Plus The One A Genius Asked Me.

Here is an anecdote that bears repeating. (Sorry Instagram friends!)

Last Monday night I stopped by the Apple store on the way to meet my friend Kari for dinner. There was a slight mishap that caused the mouse square on my MacBook to no longer depress. 

The first Genius guy (I can't keep track of what they call themselves in that place) took a look at it and told me it would be $900 to repair liquid damage. Then (lucky for me!), a second Genius- a bearded guy with oversized gauges in his ears looking to be in his mid twenties- came to take a look. Genius #2 took my laptop to the back again, but returned in less than ten minutes with it completely fixed at no cost. 

Not able to leave well enough alone, as he handed over the laptop he asked me, "So what exactly spilled in your laptop anyway? A soda?" 
Just the question I was hoping to avoid! "Errr... no."
"Tea?" he pressed, obviously very confused by my ambiguity. 
"Um... it was actually breast milk that spilled..."

The look on his face was priceless, meanwhile mine has never been so red. Legit mom probs right there! Hashtag things just got real awkward

So, fun times in the Apple store! Also, don't pump and play on your laptop. Lesson learned the hard way.

Over the weekend we enjoyed the rain and cooler temps! Friday night Nick and I (plus B) went out for Thai food, followed by the first gathering of Jaymi and Cody's newly formed 80's Movie Club.
In between rain showers we spent a little time at the park enjoying being outside in August and not sweating profusely.
My mom and I had brunch in Dallas to make the most of her last day of summer.
We also had a back to school ice cream social with our neighborhood buddies!

Last night was my first solo overnight experience with all three boys. Nick had to fly to St. Louis for work for about 24 hours, so it was just me and the squadron of little men. I probably could have called Teri, or my mom, or even Layne to help me out for a few hours, but I felt like it was time to test the waters all on my own and figure out the answer the question, "WHAT HAVE WE DONE?" 

The majority of the time was fine, just like our normal day to day, except for the dinner/bath/bed portion. That was hard. And extremely exhausting. Beckham was having an abnormally fussy evening, and it was challenging trying to figure out how to meet everyone's needs all by myself. Luckily Lexi was there for reinforcement. 

I gave into Logan's desperate begging to let him sleep in my bed (as he sometimes does when Nick travels), and that probably wasn't my best idea either, although he sure loved it! Beckham cried off an on until close to 10:30, so naturally he was up until that time as well. 

I also found myself having these off the wall, anxious thoughts as we went to bed. What would I do if there was a fire? What if someone broke into the house? How would I get all three boys someplace safe all by myself? Just thinking about that is terrifying and overwhelming, but luckily I was so tired I didn't stay awake long trying to figure it out. 

We all survived and really, are no worse for the wear. Plus I learned if all else fails, just pay the oldest one a quarter to baby sit the youngest one, so you can put the middle one to bed. 
Hypothetically speaking, of course. 

I thought I would answer some of the questions from my Q&A post. I scrolled through and picked a few and will do the rest on a second post soon. 

How do you curl your hair?
Finally figuring out how to curl my hair may be the single greatest accomplishment of 2015 for me.

I wear my hair curly more often than straight now for the simple reason of TIME. It takes forever to blow dry and straighten my hair, and I just don't have that much time in the mornings right now. I shower at night, sleep with my hair wet and use my curling wand in the morning to make it wavy/curly.
  • My hair is naturally very straight (so if I straightened it at night it would be super flat and awful looking in the morning), and looks like picture #1 when I wake up after its been wet.
  • If I have time and want a more curly look, I clip the top section up, picture #2. If I'm rushed then I only do the top part and any pieces sticking out. It looks more wavy this way.
  • I have never, ever been able to style my hair using a curling iron (unless you count my feathered bangs in 1999, but that's another story for another day). I feel like a curling wand is fool proof + the curls last longer [days]. I lightly spray my hair with Kenra Hot Spray 20 [game changer] and then just wrap various pieces around the wand. 
  • Next I comb through it with my hands, and finish it off with Living Proof Instant Texture (spray in your hands and rub through the curls) and Davines Medium Hold Hair Spray (smells amazing!)

I know there are lots of YouTube videos and what not with much more professional ways of going about it, but that's what works for me right now!

What are you reading?
I finally finished Sophie Hudson's newest Giddy Up, Eunice. Her ultra-southern Mississippi jargon actually took away from what she was trying to say in the beginning and I liked the book only so-so. I did a complete 180 by the end and absolutely loved it! Such a sweet, thought provoking memoir about the importance of fostering relationships with women of all ages in your life. 

Currently reading Emily Giffin's First Comes Love. With the exception of her last book that took place in Dallas where a young girl fell in love with her friend's dad (so weird!), I am a solid Emily Giffin fan. Light, easy reading that's actually well written and funny. This book is no exception. I am loving it and can't put it down! 

Next up Present over Perfect by my BFF x infinity Shauna Niequist (she just doesn't know we're BFFs yet) and How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

I love to read and wish I had more time to do so. It's mostly in small chunks when I'm feeding Beckham, if the boys are watching TV, or at night before bed. 

What are your pet peeves?
Here's the thing about pet peeves, anyone who has some knows they're ridiculous. Actually sitting down and writing these out makes me feel like such a jerk! I mean, I know these are ridiculous hang ups. But I guess that's the thing about pet peeves, they're just dumb, petty things things by nature. Here is what came to mind for me:

1) When people mistakenly make the name of a place plural... or not.
Kroger --> KrogerS
JC Penny --> JC PennyS
Snappy Salads --> Snappy Salad
Whataburger --> Whataburgers
And on and on...

2) The sound of silverware clanking  >>OH MY GAH<<
Come to think of it, I'm not a silverware fan in general. I would gladly eat with plastic utensils from here on out. I always request plastic utensils when we get take out, rather than eating with our metal ones at home. When Nick is doing dishes he will clink spoons together or take a fork and scratch it on our metal sink just to mess with me, because he enjoys torturing me. Just the thought of like, biting down really hard on a metal spoon or fork, sends shivers down my spine.

3) Okay this one is especially ridiculous. Basically everyone does it, and I completely realize I'm the weirdo here.

But it really bugs me when people refer to their kids as "we" on social media. Clearly talking about just the kids here, not you and your kids. As in:
WE are all dressed up and ready for a great day in second grade!
WE aren't a fan of solid foods.
WE lost our first tooth last night!
WE love our new dress, thanks Aunt Jan!!

What's wrong with he or she? Why the we?

What kind of car seat do your boys use that fit three across? How is that working?
We came close to purchasing two Diono Radian RXT car seats for Logan and Everett. But at close to $300 a piece, we thought twice. We were surprised, but our current Recaro brand seats (Pro Ride & Performance Sport) fit next to the infant seat with not even a centimeter to spare.

I was warned by many a friend about having the kids sit so close together, but it's actually been great for us. There is some fighting, but 95% of the time it's just helpful. Logan can pop Beckham's pacifier back in, open things for Everett, unbuckle Everett's seat, etc. I love having them ride three across for now.

How do you keep your weekly stuff organized; appointments, outings, meals, etc.?
I put every single appointment, play date, meeting, etc. in my phone when I schedule it, using Google calendar.

Then, on Sunday nights I sit down and write everything out for the week in my paper planner. (For years I bought the Container Store's brand of planners, but two years ago I switched to Erin Condren and love them! They're pretty, colorful and laid out well.)

I also keep an ongoing to do list for the week in my planner. When I'm actually cooking (as in, not right now), I write our dinners out for the week at the bottom of each day. For me, having everything written out where I can see and all together in one spot is key.

HERE is a post I wrote a while back about organization, including how I use my planner. For the record, we are far removed from typed out schedules when we leave the kids overnight any more. We have moved on to: Keep them alive/Fed (Three squares is preferable)/Hopefully they will sleep for your sanity/Drop their things and RUN

Favorite places to shop for the boys and myself?
I do the majority of my shopping online because again, TIME.

I follow several boutiques on Instagram, in most cases you can purchase things by commenting and they email you an invoice. Off hand, two of my favorites are Jazzy Jems and Dottie Couture. I also shop at Gap and Nordstrom online quite a bit.

If I actually go shopping I will go to Anthropologie, Nordstrom Rack or sometimes, J Crew.

For the boys I would love to tell you I shop at Gap, Old Navy & Mini Boden. They have my favorite styles. But given their current Under Armour obsession, the ACADEMY CHIC look if you will, most of our $$ go to Academy, TJ Maxx and Dillards. For dress up clothes and special occasions I get stuff at Janie & Jack.

I will try and answer the rest sooner rather than later. Thank you to those who asked them, I enjoyed answering!

Sending lots of thoughts for a happy first week of school, followed by a great year to those starting {especially the kindergarteners and their moms}!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beckham's Newborn Pictures

I feel like newborn pictures are never easy ones to take. By the end everyone is sweating, crying, exhausted, or maybe all three. But the end result is always worth it!! 

Laura Veno took Beckham's pictures at our house a few weeks ago. She worked so hard to get these images, and I just love them!

My very favorite of all were these three, which I used on his announcement. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Q&A Post

On my post a few weeks ago about Camp Thurman, someone asked if I would be willing to do a Q&A post. I keep meaning to post this and forgetting. Sounds like a fun change of pace! If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I will be happy to answer...or give it my best shot! Feel free to comment anonymously or use your log in.

Monday, August 15, 2016

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I saw this going differently in my head when Logan was a baby, and I bought all of the smocked jon jons and monogrammed things.
But if we're not going to church, the only thing he will wear is Under Armour athletic clothes, and now Everett insists on doing the same. I don't know where they get it ;) It's really not worth the fight because Logan loves these clothes so much. Not to mention the fact that he comes downstairs in the mornings dressed, with his hair combed and teeth brushed. This makes my life exponentially easier, so if it's Under Armour he wants, then so be it. Those three make a pretty cute trio, and I have no doubt Beckham will be following in their footsteps in no time. 

I feel like I need to preface this next part. For my own sake, let me just say- you might not know it from reading my blog lately, we really do have plenty of normal, calm, uneventful days around here. (As uneventful and calm as they can be with a 4 year old, 2 year old and a newborn anyway.) But we've had a string of crazy happenings in the past few days. 

On Friday Jaymi and I took the boys to Jump 4 Fun, which is a giant room full of a dozen or so inflatable bounce houses. We had just gotten there and the boys were running around while Jaymi and I sat on a bench and visited while holding Beckham. Logan came running over and sat down next to me. Right away I noticed all the color was leaving his face and lips, and he was starting to sweat profusely. I gave him some water and tried to help him any way I could, but he was going downhill quickly. He was complaining that he felt like throwing up. I could tell he was either about to faint or coming down with a serious stomach bug. 

I rounded up Everett, buckled Beckham in his car seat, and we made a fast exit. When we got in the car he was lethargic and slumped over and continuing to sweat. It was really scary, and I felt so helpless! I made a quick decision to pull into a nearby Urgent Care Emergency Room to have him checked out. It definitely stressed me out taking Beckham into what was surely a germ infested hot house, but I didn't have much choice. They got us back quickly, but by that point Logan was starting to perk up. He finally ate the snack I'd been offering him, plus a juice box the nurse brought. By the time the doctor came in he was completely back to normal. You would never even know anything was wrong.

After a full check up, including blood sugar (before the snacks) and an EKG, the doctor diagnosed him with vasovagal syncope, which is a fancy word for: fainting in response to a stimulus. Like how some people faint at the sight of blood or when they experience pain or when they see their wife get an epidural. 

Logan has actually fainted two other times in the past 18 months, and both times were right after he got hurt. We took him to the same ER Urgent Care one other time, and they couldn't find anything wrong at that point either. I couldn't figure out what it was that would have made him come so close to fainting this time, and that kept bugging me.

It wasn't until Sunday that Logan told me that he remembered before he started feeling bad he twisted his arm coming down one of the slides. He said he was coming over to tell me he was hurt and started feeling sick. Once he told me that I instantly felt better, because there is clearly a link between him getting hurt and fainting, just like the doctor said. 

Just to be on the safe side we are going to follow up with a specialist in September for more testing, but our pediatrician agreed there's really no cause for concern at this point. Just one of those random little things about Logan- he apparently faints in response to pain. It's definitely something I need to make his future teachers and baby sitters aware of. 

Okay so that was Friday morning, and on Saturday night another thing happened that gave me quite a scare. Somehow in the middle of the night Beckham's video baby monitor froze, and I woke up Sunday morning at 6:00 in a panic. I ran in his room and found him happily sleeping, (thank goodness!!), but I have no idea what time the monitor froze or if he cried during the night, and that absolutely makes me sick to my stomach!! 

The very worst part is, this is the second time this has happened on a totally different baby monitor. The first time was a couple of weeks ago and his first monitor lost its signal during the night, and I woke up at 5 a.m. and realized what had happened. After that I was too nervous to keep using that same monitor, so I switched it out with Logan's old one. In the four years we used it, it never froze (that we know of), until Saturday night. Both times I woke up in a panic and ran in his room where he was happily sleeping, but I can't think about it without my stomach turning. What if he laid in there crying for hours? UGHHHH. I have major mom guilt I can't seem to shake over this!!! 

We can't hear him crying across the house in our bedroom, but in addition to his video monitor, I also set up an old school sound monitor as back up, plus set an alarm on my phone at 2:30 when he normally wakes up. I think the two monitors will be sufficient eventually, but for now it gives me peace of mind. I keep worrying I've done some kind of emotional damage to him that will show up in later years of his life. Nick says I'm being ridiculous. 

And finally, to round out the series of unfortunate events... today I took the boys back to Jump 4 Fun. All weekend Logan complained about not getting a chance to play there on Friday, so I decided we would give it another try today. I asked our high school baby-sitter to come with us to help keep an eye on the big boys and trade off sitting with B. Eventually, when the baby-sitting well is tapped dry (i.e.: next week when school starts), I will just put Beckam in a baby carrier and follow the boys around. But for now, it's so much easier to have two people and two sets of hands. Plus it's fun for the boys because we can do a couple of slides and stuff with them. 

Anyway, I'll spare you the details but after Jump 4 Fun we went to Chic Fil A where our sweet sitter ended up getting sick and projectile vomiting. I felt awful for her!! I was trying to make sure she was okay, gather up our food and the boys quickly (and also, pray for the germs to stay away from them) when another super helpful mom walked up to me, pointed at our sitter walking to the bathroom and said, "Ummm.... I think that girl that's with you is really, really sick." You don't say?!?! 

I think Jump 4 Fun may be a bad omen for us.

Here are a couple of fun, non dramatic things we've been up to:
Thursday was Logan's last day of museum camp, so my mom and I took the boys to have lunch at Taco Heads and popsicles at Steel City Pops. YUM!

Logan spent most of Saturday morning boobie trapping the house. It definitely made it challenging to go from room to room. 

On Saturday night we had dinner and swam at the Vestals. They've been in Colorado, and we were missing our BFFs so much!! 
A {much deserved} bev in one hand and a baby in the other. PERFECTION!

We didn't do anything on Friday evening or Saturday morning, and I spent the majority of the time getting sweet snuggles from this guy.

We were all so sad to say bye to our sweet "Emme" this weekend as she headed back to A&M. She kept the boys one last time on Thursday night while Nick and I went to dinner and a movie. I legitimately cried when we came home and said our goodbyes. Not only is she a wonderful baby-sitter and loves our boys like her own, she has really become like a part of our family this summer. She's pretty much seen it all around our house and still loves us! I will miss her help of course, because she has been a huge part of what made the transition to three kids so smooth. But more than that, I just love having her around. She has such a sweet spirit and bubbly personality and has really become more of a friend to me than anything. Not to mention, she keeps me feeling super young and teaches me all the cool lingo. Ha! 

With Emilee gone, the boys will be left to master Snapchat and learn to Dab on their own accord. 

We love you and miss you already, Emme!!