Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sukei and The Doldrums

And so the snow and ice has continued.
An intermittent snow day here and there (AKA canceling plans and staying in my pj's all day), YES! Sign me up! But day after day after day of cold and ice and being shut in at home is just bad for me for a whole host of reasons, two of which include eating and online shopping.

I'm not a good stay at home for days and do nothing kind of person. The pantry and all the things hiding in the bottom of the canisters I forgot we had taunt me. First, it's a little something sweet. Then, I rummage around and find something salty to counteract the sweet. Then one (okay, maybe two) more sweet things to finish it all off. Next, I get on Amazon and order things like a bath pillow I never knew I always needed. And so on and so forth. The cycle is vicious.

On Friday I was supposed to leave for a two day conference in Dallas, but the ice and snow had other plans. I was feeling just a little bit salty and sorry for myself since I had been looking forward to this for practically forever. Nick and Cody both ended up coming home from work since everything was shutting down {yet again} for weather, so Jaymi and I decided to test out my all wheel drive and see what trouble we could get ourselves into. 

The roads weren't bad, just slow moving, but most places were starting to close. We pulled into Sonic and lo and behold! Like a sign from heaven! The red OPEN sign was flashing across the street at J's Happy Foot. We put it in reverse and booked it across the street, like moths to a flame.  Sukei and "The World Most Happy Place" were just begging us to pay them a visit.

I've blogged about J's Happy Foot (not Feet, let's be clear) before, but it was Jaymi's inaugural visit so it's worth repeating all over again. 

The satin, zebra print sheets on the massage tables. The man with the creepy, whisper-y voice reading bible verses on her CD player. The assortment of treasures Sukei sells at the front counter, including, but not limited to- Hello Kitty slippers, belly button rings, Cincinnati, Ohio keychains, worry dolls... All of this is, of course, strategically positioned next to the large sign that reads "WE APPRECIATE TIPS. 24% OR MORE PLEASE."

So we walked in and dusted off the snow and Sukei began to hug and love on us like we were her oldest of friends. "You girls so young!" she said to us. "So young! So pretty! When you say to me, Sukei, I married with a husband and babies, I say to you, NOOOO!! NOOO!! Stop lying to Sukei. So lucky to look so young!" 

Anyway, I guess Sukei was a little bored because she ended up hooking us up with the "Royal VIP Treatment," as she called it, which was a little bit more than a reflexology foot massage. For over two hours she ran back and forth between Jaymi's and my massage tables rubbing and pounding and massaging and covering us with hot towels and stones. I looked over at one point to see Sukei on the massage table, straddling Jaymi, straight up Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon style, giving her a neck and shoulder massage like no other. She was earning her 24% that's for sure. 

While she massaged she talked to us about all kinds of things; Jesus. Why reflexology is good for a woman's "baby house." Why we shouldn't eat sugar. Why we should drink tea. That our feet talk to her and what they were saying. ("Sukei, I'm tired. Being a mommy is hard!") About men who come get reflexology and don't need their Vee-agra any more. ("Sukei! You fixed it!"they say.)

We left with an education, feeling like a million bucks and prepared to face the doldrums outside. Jaymi loved Sukei as much as I do and said she absolutely had to take her mom there.

We got home just as Cody was trying to gun his new Mustang up the driveway through the snow, while Nick cheered him on. The three amigos watched intently out the window, like they were waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. 
Saturday morning Logan bounded downstairs, anxious to change back into his snow bib (and house shoes!) and get out in the snow. A group of dads in our neighborhood had decided to take the kids sledding at a nearby school. Everett and I decided to stay home and make sure the fireplace worked while Nick and Logan headed out.

While they were gone Everett discovered the stairs. DUM DUM DUM. My life will never be the same.
Nick and Logan walked in the door about an hour and a half later, and I was horrified to see scratches and scrapes all over Logan's red, puffy face. I gasped and bent down to swoop Logan up just as Nick gave me the eye and hissed in my ear, "DON'T freak him out. He's FINE! You have to act like a boy mom about this, okay?"

So, instead of freaking out like I wanted to, I was calm and simply asked what happened. As it turns out, there was a three man crash at the bottom of a hill, and some tears, and three pretty decent cases of ice rash. All the scratches and scrapes on Logan's face were small, but there were a bunch of them. I made him a warm bubble bath and put as much lavender as he would let me on his face while he soaked. Then he and I fixed two steaming mugs of hot chocolate and cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie. This is the part of having two boys, the inevitable injuries over the next 17 years, that I'm going to hate.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty low key.
I did make it out of my pajamas, shockingly, around 4:00. We were all getting a pretty bad case of cabin fever and decided to meet Kimba and Dillon and the girls for dinner at Chuy's.
We were just pulling in the parking lot behind Kimba and Dillon when Kimba called and said Hattie just threw up all over their car. I felt horrible for them!!! Needless to say, they didn't come to Chuy's for dinner. 

The rest of Southlake, including several of our neighbors, apparently had the same idea as we did. Chuy's was packed, but we had fun visiting with the Northcutts and the Heitkamps while we waited. 

For some reason, the boys were being very clingy to mom last night. I didn't mind a bit!
This morning we made it out of the house again for church and lunch and the chance to be around the general population.
This is how the brothers like to ride in the car the last few days, talk about melting my heart!
All I can say is, thank goodness something is starting to melt!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Got A Little Wordy On This One. Sorry I'm Not Sorry.

Well hello there, blog friends!!

I took an unplanned week off from blogging, and it sure feels good to be back in this little space! I've had a sinus infection and haven't been feeling great, and everything has been kind of helter skelter with all the ice and sleet we've had this week.

This past weekend we took a road trip to Spring (north of Houston) to visit Kevin & Jesse and Brett & Jennifer. I'm going to call them "THE BAUSTS" collectively from here on out, because Brett & Kevin are brothers, hence they are all Bausts, to save us the whole "Kevin and Jesse and Brett and Jennifer" tag.

So, it has been an embarrassingly long time since we'd been to visit them so we decided to make a last minute-ish trip.

Except here's the thing about that. Used to, when Nick and I wanted to go out of town on the weekends we would pack a bag and go. (Oh, okay fine, I would pack three bags and rolling suitcase and then we would go. Semantics!) But now-- it is an act of congress to get everything in a bag and in the car and out the door. It's no joke!
But we got locked and loaded and pulled out around 10 a.m. Friday morning, only two hours later than our planned departure time. (Again, semantics. The actual reason behind our late departure involves me going to a Jazzercise class that I had no idea would be chalk full of 50 year old women talking about hormone therapy and libido [Um hello, JAZZERCIZE you say- I know, I know, now I get it] and more Iggy Azalea and Nicky Minaj than I ever wanted to listen to, especially that early in the morning. Someday, when I've fully recovered I'll tell you all about it.)

So anyway, we pulled out around 10:00, and you know Nick was thrilled to slide into my driver seat and see the gas light on. There were some words said, I won't lie. It really just further started things out on the right foot after our extended departure. But! The good news is (we got gas), and we made it a solid two hours before the whining and the crying and the "I WANT OFF THE HIGHWAY!! THIS IS TOO LONG!" started, and I had to climb in the back seat and regulate.
I was throwing snacks left and right, popping in DVD's, pulling the lever on this farm noise thingy non-stop, I mean you name it, I was doing it to keep the peace in the back seat. 

Finally, two hours and seven minutes in, Nick could take it no more and pulled off the highway and into a Sonic with gritted teeth. I was *THISCLOSE* to piping up from the back seat and making a small request for something other than fast food, but I wisely kept my yapper shut. Sonic in Buffalo, Texas it was. And let me tell you, they really churched up the bathroom in that place. If you could see the shape this Sonic was in, you would know what I was talking about. The bathroom with the silk plants was "high falutin," as my dad says.
The other thing this Sonic had going for it was a playground and some killer 3D shades in the kids' meal.

Nick and I couldn't help but laugh at Logan when he exclaimed, "APRICOTS!!!" as he dumped out the tater tots in his Wacky Pack. Something like that.

We arrived at Kevin and Jesse's a little after two and got unpacked and put the boys down for naps. 

They had gone out of their way to set up a super cool room for Logan to stay in that he loved! They were doing some painting so the bedroom door didn't have a knob on it. Forty five minutes later we walked past his room and saw him standing at the door peeping out the hole where the knob was. "I've just been standing here the whole time!"he squealed, absolutely thrilled by the fancy knob-less door. Needless to say, he didn't nap that day. We got a good laugh out of that little stunt.

I've blogged about their house many times before, but it's worth repeating. I love it! Jesse is an artist, and their house is so eclectic and full of so many meaningful and unique things. Every time we go there it looks a little bit different and I find myself walking around slowly, just taking it all in. 

The Bausts, all four of them, are so much fun and just easy to be around. I could sit and talk to them forever and never run out of things to talk about. (Also, secretly, sometimes I look at them, the two brothers who are best friends and their wives and how they're all neighbors and super cool, and I think… I hope Logan and Everett turn out like this.) We spent the rest of Friday hanging out at their house and went to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. 

Saturday morning Jesse introduced Logan to her record collection, and he was blown away. 

Meanwhile, Everett and Ernie just tried to hit Kevin up for his breakfast.
Around 11:30 we all made it out the door and drove to Downtown Houston to the Museum of Natural Science. 

There, Jesse determined her hair has not evolved.
 We saw several of the exhibits, including the butterflies which was so neat! Really great museum!
Logan was very much into the museum, but by this point it was 2:00 and neither of the boys had eaten lunch or taken a nap, and so it was decided we would head to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat. Nick and I were basically preparing for the worst, but we decided to roll the dice and let it ride. I have to brag on Logan and Everett for just a minute. It could have easily gone the other way, but they were so, so well behaved and easy going that entire day. I was honestly shocked. We weren't back in the car for five minutes before they were both out like lights, though.
We got back to Kevin and Jesse's around 4:00 and they both napped until 6:00. Then we walked down the street to the other Baust's gorgeous new house for dinner. They have an amazing patio we sat out on, and Brett grilled burgers and the boys crawled around and played with one another and the two dogs. We visited as much as you can with kids, but I really enjoyed it. Jesse and Jennifer were so great at helping me with the boys all weekend, cutting up food and carrying one and putting shoes on another and unbuckling car seats… I hope we didn't totally terrify them of having kids. 

We got back to Kevin and Jesse's around 9:00, bathed the boys and put them to bed. Logan slept great, but unfortunately, Everett was up pretty much every hour for the second night in a row. I'm not sure if it was being in a new place or sleeping in the pack in play or what.. looking back I'm pretty sure it was his ears and teeth that were bothering him. Regardless, we tried Motrin, putting him in bed with me… pretty much everything, but he was just not going to sleep more than an hour here and there either night. That part of the trip was rough! We were sad to say good bye on Sunday and we had such a great visit, but it was nice to be back in our own beds.

We went to bed on Sunday night looking at the weather reports on our phone, and I was so excited because ice + snow = Nick is home from work! But he was all, "Babe, I can't just stay home because there's a little ice on the road. I've got a lot of stuff to get done in the office womp, womp, womp, womp… Either way I've got to go in to work in the morning womp, womp, womp, womp… I've got a list of calls to make, I've got to schedule womp, womp, womp, womp..."

Listen, all I can say is, it's a good thing his work schedule isn't dependent on me. I'd have him home all the time. I mean, I'm all for a good work ethic and everything, but how does he put it in the movie You, Me and Dupree… "If you're looking for a Clydesdale, I'm probably not your man." It's that, exactly. My point being, any excuse legitimate reason to stay home from work and play, SIGN ME UP!

Fortunately, luck was in my favor because we woke up to ice and sleet early Monday morning and Nick's office, and basically everything else in the Metroplex, was shut down. This was how we spent Monday:
Does that not look so fun? If that Jeep had a little more horse power, I would be first in line for a sled ride!

But by Monday night it was just so much AT HOMENESS, and I was ready for life to resume as normal. But we had more ice on Tuesday, and Logan's school was cancelled but Nick did go into work. There's only so much you can do at home with a three and an {almost} one year old day upon day, and let me tell you, we exhausted it all. We are just not good homebodies for more than a day, max. Tuesday afternoon while the boys napped I even attempted curling my hair for some reprieve. Evan tells me I need to be more versatile in my hair styling, so I'm trying to branch out. Fixing short hair intimates me, but it wasn't a bad first attempt. I may or may not be still in my pajamas in this picture. 
Finally, by Wednesday the roads were clear enough to get out and about so the boys and I ran some errands, and I took them up to the indoor playground at church to run around. 

My dad and Rhonda have been in town taking my grandma Nanny to some doctor appointments and drumming up various shenanigans with my two hooligans.
My dad ordered a new tractor and it came in today, so he asked if Logan could go with them to pick it up. Pretty much, this was the best day of Logan's entire life. 
I picked him up early from school and he spent the entire rest of the day driving to the tractor store, perusing tractors, asking a million questions about said tractors, and stuffing himself with delicious junk food that only a grandparent would allow. He had the time of his life, and I kind of think my dad did too.

The final thing worth mentioning is that, for the first time in his entire life, Logan got out of bed and came downstairs all by himself this morning. It's not that remarkable, but for us it was. It was just weird more than anything! Every single day for three years he's woken up and cried or sang or called us or whatever, and we've gone in his room and gotten him. He had a childproof door knob on the inside of his door, but it's not like he ever even tried to get out. At Kevin and Jesse's we told him to just come out of the bedroom when he woke up, and he did and it was no big deal. I don't know, Nick and I just never thought to start doing that here and why rock the boat when the current system works? So when we got back home we took the child lock off of his door and told him from now on, in the mornings he can come downstairs by himself when he wakes up. Today was the first morning he actually did it. I was standing by our bedroom door and all of a sudden it flew open and he walked in. It caught me by surprise for sure. It is the dawn of a new era at the Salomone house!

That is a very long winded version of what we've been up to over the last week! We've had fun days, we've had bored and shut inside the house with a sick mom days… it's been a smorgasbord! It's always something around here. 

Everett: 10/11 Months

I kept meaning to write Everett's 10 month post. I put it off just long enough and next thing I knew he was 11 months old. Oops!
Everett is a kid with big emotions and a big personality. He can be over the top happy and sweet and playful and affectionate (loves to give kisses), but on the same token he has a serious little temper. If you leave him in his high chair too long, he is MAD. If Logan takes a toy from him, MAD. He will yell and scream and make a commotion until the problem is fixed. I don't think I've ever heard a baby yell and throw a fit the way he does. So, age two should be fun. I'm looking forward to that. ;)

He also thinks the world is his stage.

This is one difference I find so interesting and so special between my boys. Logan is very shy and reserved, and Everett is all about people and LOOK AT ME! Today he and I were eating at Panera for lunch and two guys at the table next to us kept laughing. Everett decided to join in the fun and every time they would laugh he would break out into this loud, over the top fake laugh too. He was so loud and it became so often (must have been a hilarious conversation those guys were having) that people at the other tables started to look and laugh a little bit. Well then he figured out he was on stage so he started laughing even louder and squealing and waving, and generally just putting on a big production. It was the cutest thing! I don't know what to do with a show boat baby!

I'm not sure about his exact size, but I'd say he's around 20 pounds. He's small for sure. He wears size 12-18 months clothes and size 3 diaper. He is still taking two naps a day (morning + afternoon) and usually wakes up at least once around 4 or 5 a.m. to eat and go back to sleep. At night he sleeps from about 7:30P-7:30A give or take a little bit.

Just like his brother, Everett has horrible, chronic ear infections that seem to crop up especially when he's getting a new tooth. (It's THE worst!) So any time he wakes up during the night I go and check on him because I never know if it's his ear bothering him or what. We have treating ear infections down to a science in this house, I will tell you that. He has all four center teeth, and then two more that just started to pop through in the last week. (Left top fang and left bottom fang)

He's not really showing any signs of walking, although he pulls up like a champ and typical for his age, is into everything. Nothing is safe anymore! Busy and into anything he can get his hands on. Dog food, chips in the pantry, Lexi's water, trash cans, electrical cords, Logan's toys, shutters… you name it. 

We joined Little Gym and he absolutely loves it! He loves climbing around and exploring, he loves the other babies, and he loves Mr. Nick. I love having something special to do that's just for Everett.

Getting intense on the bars

His words are still pretty much the same, "Dad" "Mom" "Dodd"[Dog] and "Hi Dad." 

The biggest change in the last couple of months is the transition from nursing being his primary source of food to secondary. He hasn't been interested in baby food for a while now, he pretty much eats exactly what we eat. If he sees something on my plate that he doesn't have, he will yell and point and grunt and make a huge commotion, caveman style until I give it to him. 

He nurses three or maybe four times a day, but it is mostly in short increments and then he is wiggling out of my lap. He really only wants to drink a significant amount of milk before his nap and before bedtime. And even then, sometimes he doesn't want much. It's funny because with Logan I was in such a hurry to make it to the one year finish line- it could not come soon enough- and this time, I'm in no hurry to quit (and I'm not even able to eat dairy!). 

One other thing of note, is that in the last two months I would say, I went back to my normal size and shape. It's a little vain, but I'm being completely honest in saying I was very happy about that. It's so funny how that works. It was the exact same way with Logan, pretty much down to the month. Once we hit about the 10 month mark and he quit nursing as much, the last couple pounds fell off and my shape (hips) shrunk back down. When I was killing myself doing Body Back, barely anything budged. I'm not working out any more or eating any differently than I have been, if anything I'm doing less and my skinny, skinny jeans fit again. Woo Hoo!! I am literally the prime example when people say, it takes 10 months to gain it and 10 months to lose. I have worked hard, but regardless, I'm thankful.

Everett is such a sweet little guy and brings Nick and I so much joy. His smile is ridiculous. He adds such a light to our family and we just adore our baby boy! 
Next month- ONE!