Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekend Waves & Weekend Vibes

My hairdresser Evan has been trying to persuade me to try out the messy, beachy waves look. This morning before church I gave it a go and was feeling relatively good about the whole endeavor until Nick walked in our bathroom and said, "Hey you know it's almost time to leave, right? You haven't even done your hair." 

Well. If that doesn't give you the utmost confidence in your new look, I don't know what will. I went with it regardless. 

On Friday Kimba and I took the crew to Dallas for a visit to The Perot Museum. 

(The girl next to Hattie was super impressed with her art skillz.)

Our visit was pretty short lived because what I didn't think about was the fact that Fridays in April & May= school field trip pandemonium everywhere. From now on we're keeping a low profile on Fridays.

After our abbreviated museum trip and lunch, Hattie came back to our house for the afternoon. She and Logan had fun playing together and collecting bugs outside. Apparently I am running a preschool unbeknownst to me because Hattie asked, "If we would be having a story time today," as well as the aforementioned activities. Hattie is such a delight, and I love having her around!

Our attitude on the weekends is pretty much, whatever goes. When you're eight months pregnant it's even more so that way. Breakfast yesterday...
Four hours later, lunchtime yesterday... 
Notice Everett is still in his pj's and they are both eating cold pizza to top things off. Logan decided he wanted his leftover pizza cold rather than warmed up, so of course Everett wanted the same. #weekendvibes

While we were busy weekend vibing it inside, Nick decided he would trim a couple of limbs in the backyard. A couple of limbs turned into quite the project...
This eventually required a chain saw, and the boys were absolutely delighted. (All three of them in fact.) Logan and Everett watched Nick's every move out the window and were just itching to get outside and give the chain saw a go themselves. 
The finished project late yesterday afternoon was well worth it (easy for me to say from inside I guess), but the backyard looks great and all ready for summer thanks to Nick's hard work!
Logan also had a t-ball game yesterday afternoon, and this was his cheering section minus Nick and me. We are very lucky to live close to family and that our boys are so loved!
Last night Logan's t-ball team had a father son night at the Rangers Game. The dad who coaches the team has a suite and invited all of the boys to come out for a game. 
It was five boys and five dads, and Nick said it was absolute mayhem. They had so much fun, and Logan was still bouncing off the walls at 10:30 when they got home. 
Sweet boys! Right now I absolutely love the fact that the community we live in is so small. It's fun that our church/preschool/t-ball/MOPS/neighborhood circles all overlap and that the same boys Logan plays t-ball and goes to preschool with now are the same ones he will grow up and graduate high school with with too. Where I grew up was much larger and there were five high schools, which was also a lot of fun but just different. I know that can have a downside too, so I hope I always feel this way. It sure is fun right now!

Hope you had a fun weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Brother, Brother, Brother: Stuff About The Boys As Of Late

Today at MOPS we had our annual panel of moms come speak. For this meeting we always bring in "more seasoned" moms to offer up wisdom, advice and answer questions. I really enjoyed listening to our speakers today and hearing their perspective. Over and over again the prevalent theme was, let the little things go! Things you think matter so much really don't matter at all. And also, it goes so fast, enjoy every moment! (Naturally, because that's never not going to be said when someone is reflecting back on being a parent.)

One of the moms talked about how she was such a stickler for getting her kids to preschool on time every day and she regrets being so stressed and rushed each morning because it really didn't matter. Another one of the moms mentioned how much she used to stress out about how many shows her girls would watch so they had this elaborate system with buttons and they were only allowed three buttons which = three shows per day, and in the end, it was such a silly thing and didn't matter. So what if they'd watched four, she said.

I think we're all guilty of that in some form or fashion. When you're living in the moment it seems like these THINGS are so big that really aren't at all. 

My two things are medicine/vaccines and with the boys' diets. Now don't get me wrong, we eat out more than we should and they get their fair share of junk and treats. But it is definitely the area of parenting I could stand to relax more. I will be the first to admit I spend entirely too much time worrying if they're eating too much sugar, if they've had enough vegetables, if they're consuming a lot of food dyes or high fructose corn syrup, how a particular vaccine will or won't affect them... I probably also spend too much energy keeping the house clean or making sure they pick up after they play. I could stand to relax about that more too I'm sure, but man! that's hard to let go because I so love a clean and orderly house. I guess we all have our things and those are mine.

On the flip side, I think I'm pretty good about enjoying the little moments with them and not stressing about much else, sometimes to a fault. Like when Everett wants to carry around a little pebble and I'm all, go for it! and then he ends up swallowing it... probably should have thought that one through a little more. If Logan wants to use his scissors and cut the grass outside or put stickers all over his bedroom... why not? The boys always want to walk over to see the dinosaurs outside of museum school for example, so on the days we end up doing that it usually makes Logan a couple of minutes late to class, but it's fine. I guess we all have our strengths and weaknesses as parents, but it was definitely a good reminder today to take a step back and focus on the big picture. 

As everybody knows... these chaps won't be little forever.
On Friday afternoon while Nick and I were working on the nursery and Everett's room Logan found this second firefighter costume I didn't even know we had. Logan got himself and Everett dressed and they came parading in the bedroom. They had the best time playing firefighters together. Everett kept coming in the room saying, "Look daddy! I a firefighter! I put out fires!" He is always so proud to do anything just like Logan.

Here are some funny things they've been saying lately that I wanted to remember:

"You're trickin' me!"
"That weird!" (A total Logan line- anything out of the ordinary he will say, "Huh... that's weird!")
"Good talking mommy! Good words!"
When I found a toy he was looking for, "THAT what Everett talking about!"
Anytime there is mention of an injury, "Go to hop-ital? Get shot?"

And my favorite, we just got a new lamp for his room with toy cars inside. When he and I plugged it in for the first time he gasped and said, "OH MY GOSH!! How fun [is] that???"

90% of what comes out of Logan's mouth is questions. I counted one day, just because, and he asked me 43 questions in 30 minutes. It takes a lot of mental stamina to keep up with him on a daily basis, I won't lie. "What is battery acid and how does it burn your hand?" "Why is Lexi black?" "How come it's called LemonADE? What's ADE?" etc. etc.

The other day he filled up water in his little bug catcher outside and held it up for us to see and said, "Now this is an example of water!"
The other thing they both LOVE right now is rough housing with Nick when he comes home from work. They both ask me all day when Nick is coming home so he can play basketball with them/chase them/wrestle them. And the minute he gets in the door and changes clothes the mayhem starts! It's fun to watch, because it's definitely totally different than how I interact with them. "Anybody want to sit quietly in my lap and read a book? How about a nice sticker activity or some coloring? No?" I like to think it's a good balance, but I'm pretty sure Nick is actually just a lot more fun. 

Logan has been dying to go see Lindsay and Jeremy's new baby Hayes. Everett and I went one day last week to take a meal when he was at school, and this just killed him. Today we went by so Logan could meet him and in the car on the way there he was asking if he could hold him. Then he thought for a minute and said, "Will it cry since we're not its owners?" Followed by, "If I stick my finger in its mouth will it bite me?"
He absolutely adored baby Hayes and just beamed as he stroked his head and "pet him" as he called it. He is going to be the best biggest brother!!!

Speaking of...
Here we are at 31 weeks! The little torpedo boy and I are happily growing away!

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Sprinkling & A Soaking

I have pretty much given up any sort of romantic, rosy colored notions I used to have of Nick and I working in tandem on baby nurseries. Three kids and three nurseries in, I know how it's going to go. There isn't going to be joint folding of tiny onesies and reminiscing about when the bigger boys wore them. The two of us aren't going to hang pictures on the wall and stand back cocking our heads from side to side, puzzling over whether or not that's the best spot, or if a gray frame would look better than the blue one. Nick isn't going to marvel over paint swatches with me and declare one THE perfect bluish gray, without being too blue or too gray. As much as I would love that, it's just not realistic. I was actually hurt- tears and everything- when working on the nursery wasn't some kind of memorable bonding experience the first two times around. Now I get it; that's why I have Kimba and Jaymi, and it doesn't phase me in the least.

So if I'm not sure which wall the mirror should go on, or how high a certain shelf should be hung, then I should figure it out and let Nick know when I'm ready for his assistance. He doesn't care what color the paint is, any bedding is fine with him, and he has no opinion whatsoever on the three pictures hanging horizontally or vertically. He's not being cold or unemotional, he just actually doesn't care. He's also never going to spend long periods of time in there (not even once!) rocking in the glider and admiring the room blissfully before the baby comes. Blankets with the baby's monogram on them do not make him tear up. I get all that now. It just took me a few babies to get to that point. 

So when it's time to "work on the nursery together," I do as much as I can on my own and then I hand Nick a to-do list for everything else. He is going for efficiency and speed, and working on a nursery is neither sentimental/emotional/fun/exciting to him whatsoever. With that in mind, I pour myself a cup of tea, prop my feet up on the glider, and oversee the doing of the to-do list. I try my best to temper any indecisiveness, but it's bound to seep out here and there. He knows this. Things sometimes need to move four inches to the right, and then back to the original spot again. Three kids in, we have our found our groove on nursery collaboration. I guess the old saying is true, third time's a charm. 

This past weekend a few of my MOPS friends and bible study friends "sprinkled" Baby B and me. It was supposed to be a small, simple sprinkle but everything was so nice and absolutely gorgeous! 
Hostesses: Tamara, Lesley, Jaymi and Courtney

(Do yourself a favor and don't stand next to this one when you're 5'3 and seven months pregnant. GAH! =D )

I didn't register or anything, but I made an Amazon Wishlist, and I was blown away at how generous everyone was! It definitely went beyond a few diapers and wipes. Baby B has several new summer outfits, some updated baby gear, a few new bibs and books, two blankets with his name on them, and boxes of diapers. Like I said, I was pretty blown away.

It was such a fun morning, and I definitely felt very loved! I was so appreciative of all the work the hostesses did and everyone who took the time to be there. 

We spent the rest of the weekend doing the usual birthday party/t-ball game type of activities. Later Saturday afternoon after my sprinkle, Logan was invited to one of his favorite friends from school, Peyton's birthday party. We hear about Peyton a lot around here! He had so much fun swimming and playing with his school friends, and their backyard in Los Colinas was incredible! They had a full bar and catered Mexican food and a little pedicure station for the girls, it was definitely a birthday party for the books! We were glad to be there celebrating sweet Peyton.

On Sunday after church Nick decided to wash his car, so Logan pulled out his Corvette and decided to do the same. Everett actually joined in as well, but his interest in the whole project was short lived.

That evening we met up with my family for a birthday celebration at Joe T's in Ft. Worth. If you live in the DFW area Joe T's is a super popular spot, especially this time of year. It's been around forever and the majority of the restaurant is outside in these garden type areas with big fountains, and it's such a fun place to go when the weather is nice. Well before we ate Logan and Everett were throwing coins in one of the fountains with my little cousin Jimmy. I was standing right there with them. Logan was sitting on the edge of the fountain looking in at the coins and completely lost his balance and fell right in the fountain!! A big splash and everything! He was absolutely soaked! 

It was one of those moments where you feel bad/it's hilarious/unbelievable all rolled into one. He cried when he first came up because he was so shocked, but by the time I pulled him out of the water he was laughing. Of course I didn't bring a change of clothes, so I pulled his wet shorts off, wrapped him up in napkins and he had to sit there in his wet shirt and napkin pants for the entire meal. It was memorable to say the least!! Luckily it was pretty warm out, so it didn't seem to bother him too badly. Nick and I kept laughing, it's just so ironic- out of the three of them Logan is the least likely to do something like that. Everett or Jimmy... it wouldn't surprise us so much. I didn't take any pictures because I could tell he was a little bit embarrassed, but by the time we left (and he rode home in the car stark naked), he was pretty amused with the whole thing and wanted to call all of our family who wasn't there and tell them the story. It will be one that we're all telling for years to come for sure. Our family eats at Joe T's quite a bit, and from now on I'm sure he will never live down "that time he was four and fell in the fountain."

Just a few other pictures from the rest of the week... on Wednesday I took the boys swimming at the REC. Logan loved it and didn't want to leave, Everett was done with the cold water after about five minutes. I can't say that I blame him.

On Friday we got together with Kimba and the girls... it has been far too long since we've had our Friday shenanigans, mostly because I've been out of town. We took the kids to the indoor playground Paradise Pond, and then on the way to lunch they wanted to switch cars as they always do.
Kimba got the tame ones this time around.
I got the crazies.

We took them to lunch at a local pizza place, and I'll just say- it was not our best showing. There pretty much wasn't a single minute of the entire meal where one of the four wasn't whining or acting up. But then magically, the second we finished eating a trance settled over the crowd and they acted better than they'd been all day. We were in such a hurry to eat and leave, but once we finished eating they were all so content (and shockingly, all four coloring) that we ended up hanging out a little longer.

Luckily the good vibes kept rolling, because a desperate eyebrow situation meant I had both boys in tow while I got a brow wax. I really played up the importance of them sitting still and quiet and even bribed them with some ice cream. Mom of the year right there, huh? =)
Thankfully they got their crazies out at lunch, because they could not have been any better behaved. They filed in the room like little soldiers, sat on their stools and neither of them made a single peep except for Everett who would occasionally pipe up and ask, "Mommy? You asleep?" as I lay there on the table with my eyes closed. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rainy Hill Country Girls' Weekend

Last weekend was our girls' weekend to San Antonio! Andrea had a conference for work at the Hyatt Hill Country this past week, so we decided to take advantage of her great rate on rooms and go spend a few days there before her meetings started. Several years ago the four of us went to a cooking school for the weekend called Juniper Hills and had the best time! It's hard to believe it's been that long since we all took a trip together. 

We left on Friday morning and stopped in Waco for lunch and a trip to Magnolia! I'm pretty sure everybody knows about Magnolia by now, and we're definitely not original in our love for Fixer Upper and Chip and JoJo. It really was such a neat set up and fun to see though! Besides the store, there is a giant green space with swings in the back, a garden, food trucks, and they are working on adding a bakery. You could definitely spend an entire afternoon there!
We arrived in San Antonio that evening and enjoyed a nice dinner and walking around the resort. And then... the rain started. 

It has a similar set up to Lost Pines outside of Austin, only I get the impression Hyatt HC might be older and it definitely has a more lodge type feel to it. Our rooms were nice on the first floor with a little patio and a big grassy area with trees and hammocks in front. If the weather had been better I think we would have enjoyed that a lot! I happen to think the food at Lost Pines is way better, and there are definitely more options to choose from, both with dining and entertainment. One really cool thing about Hyatt HC is the lazy river that runs through the property. 
Our plans for the weekend were to lay out by the pool, float in the river and maybe visit the spa. Lots of R&R! The weather definitely put a damper on our original plans, and we were pretty disappointed to discover we couldn't get appointments at the spa, which was super $$ anyway. Despite that, we managed to have a great time! 
Lots of relaxing, long conversations, political debates (Andrea is rolling her eyes as she reads this!), and also a lot of laughing! We spent the majority of Saturday afternoon playing Spades in the lobby.
We thought about leaving the resort and having dinner someplace in San Antonio Saturday evening, but ultimately we just stayed there.
I feel very lucky that we all get along so well and are so close! I know that's definitely a rare thing.

After dinner we walked by the s'mores station, which they had moved inside due to weather. You're not gonna walk by s'mores and not partake.
Huge belly + huge fireplace

So everything was great and we had a wonderful weekend until Sunday rolled around. Andrea was staying a few more days for work, and the rest of us were scheduled to fly home that evening. Well around lunchtime we got a call that our flights had been cancelled. Since there were flights to Dallas every hour we decided to head to the airport early and try to get on another flight. Long story short, we ended up getting booked on other flights but after a series of delayed flights and bad weather in the forecast, we decided to just rent a car and drive home. Well the only car we could find at the last minute was this tiny little tin can, so we seriously drove back to Dallas in the pouring rain, crammed in this clown car filled with our suitcases like this:
And then as luck would have it, when we pulled into DFW Airport around 10:00 that night to return the car, there was some kind of mess up with booking and they ended up charging my card about three times what it should have been. I was furious! And I'm still going back and forth with Hertz and my credit card company trying to get it sorted out. I realize it's not any kind of earth shattering situation, but it's a significant amount of money and their mistake, and every time I try and call them I'm pretty sure my blood pressure goes through the roof. It was an incredibly frustrating day, but I know the whole adventure getting home will end up being one of those stories we all laugh about for years to come. 

We had such a fun weekend, but I sure was glad to {finally!} get home on Sunday night. Nick and the boys had a lot of fun while I was gone, and Nick was so great taking care of them and running them around to different things all weekend. After spending 8 out of 10 nights in different cities, I was ready to be at home under one roof for a while! Last night our high school sitter came to watch the boys, and Nick and I had a date night. The good thing about being apart so much is that you have lots to catch up on. We talked and talked and talked, and it wasn't even all about the boys (just mostly =D) 

We tried a new restaurant we've been hearing great things about called Taverna Rossa in Southlake, and it definitely did not disappoint...craft beers, live music, delicious pizza with locally sourced ingredients, a pretzel appetizer that's a must, queso with sausage... I could do an entire post just about the food we ordered. SO. GOOD. If you live near by I would highly recommend checking it out!