Friday, May 27, 2016

Muzik To My Ears

My friend Casey and I have been on a kick. We both pulled out our giant books of CDs and have been listening to CDs we burned in college. My book is actually sitting on the front seat of my car- all 100 pounds of it- and you forgot how, every time you take a turn too quickly loose CDs fly all over the front seat. It's pretty inconvenient. Initially it crossed my mind not to leave my CD book out in plain sight when I'm not in the car, but then I realized it's actually 2016. I'm pretty sure that was only a problem in 2003, and worrying about someone breaking your window and stealing all of your CDs isn't a current problem people experience. 
As it turns out, we burned CDs for every occasion back in the day. We had our "Goin' to School Mix" (Parts 1-3), "Songs from The Night We Won Stomp Fest," "Kappa House Sessions," as well as several varieties of "krunk jamz" and a CD for every season (we definitely knew what we were doing when we burned the Summer 2004 CD). I have had the best time listening to these old songs I forgot about. It's funny how music can take you back to a time and place so vividly. 

This week has been a good one! Teri so graciously offered to take the boys Tuesday evening into Wednesday afternoon, and during that time I was able to get everything finished and ready for the baby. The nursery is done, the baby clothes are washed and hung, the bottles are sterilized, all of the gear is set up... You forget how much work goes into preparing for a new baby, and in reality all they need are some diapers, onesies and milk to drink. These little things we think must be done are 100% for us rather than them. Nonetheless, it feels great to have everything checked off my list, and I finally feel like I can sit back and relax until he decides to make his debut. I will be 36 weeks on Sunday, so I feel like at this point, we are ready across the board. So exciting!!! I'm still having lots of contractions, but nothing new or different otherwise. I will be interested to see what Dr. Snead says at my appointment next week. 

On Thursday Everett tried out his new soccer class. It is an indoor class where they run around for 45 minutes and play lots of different games related to soccer skills. It's mayhem, as you would imagine with a bunch of two year olds, but he seemed to enjoy it a lot and the activities were really good. 
I was proud that Everett walked out there confidently, listened to his coach and followed directions really well. I'm sure that won't be the case every week, but it made me feel good seeing that and thinking about how he will do in preschool next year.

His coach (who reminded me of Spencer Pratt with long hair incidentally- 100% because I just read that US Weekly article) was so sweet and invited Logan to come out on the field to "help" and show Everett how to do the games since it was his first time. Logan took this duty very seriously and had just as much fun as Everett. 

Other than that we've been catching LOTS of rolly pollies this week. ---> DEATH O' ME

I think our current count is a dozen plus one snail, and you know I love nothing more than the cage of bugs that follows us all over the house. One morning Logan even sat them on my yoga mat to have quiet time with me. If he didn't love those bugs so much I would really not be a fan of the whole situation. 

We've stayed home quite a bit this week, which has been nice! I have loved not having to make Logan's lunch or having some place to be four days a week. We've had lots of long mornings at home playing games and just hanging out. Logan is into treasure hunts right now, and wants me to write out clues for him, and both boys like playing Hungry Hippos. We've also enjoyed popsicles on the driveway after dinner and lots of time driving their cars [in costume].

Emilee came over to help out two days also, which feels like such a luxury because it wasn't like I had an appointment or anywhere I had to be. She is going to start doing this two days or three days a week for most of June and July.
One of the days I went to the grocery store and ran a couple of errands that aren't always easy with kids in tow. The second day I had a chiropractor appointment and took a nap while she took the boys outside to ride bikes. Then, I cooked dinner while they arrested Emilee and put on costumes. It was a strange feeling. I almost felt guilty for having her there and having such freedom, but I was able to absolve that guilt pretty quickly. And it helps that the boys absolutely adore her! We are all lucky have Emilee, so I'm going to try and take advantage of the down time and extra set of hands while I can.

Last night I had a strange burst of energy and decided to take Lexi on a long walk after the boys went to bed. It was so nice to put in my earbuds, listen to a Podcast and enjoy the beautiful weather with my ticking time bomb.
I really wanted to make a point to slow down a bit and enjoy life life as a family of four before the baby got here, and this week I feel like I was definitely able to do that! It was such a good, relaxing-ish week.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

35 Weeks With Baby #3

This was the situation on Saturday night after being on my feet for two straight days of festivities...
Mexi Dips and Chips in bed- CHECK!

And this is the situation today...
Like you're gonna walk right past "the cast of The Hills tells all!" and not throw it in your shopping cart. Puh-leeze!

What I'm saying is, things are touch and go over here. I am now 35 weeks pregnant with baby boy #3.
We are all hoping he will stay put another two or three weeks. I had my doctor's appointment last week, and I asked him to check me because of all the contractions I've been having. Well, as it turns out the baby is in position, and I've already dilated 2 cm. Considering I pretty much never dilated with Logan, and I was maybe at a 2 or 3 after my water had been broken for 12 hours with Everett... I was pretty shocked. Slash panicked.

We had planned to take a small trip with Jaymi & Cody and all the boys early next week, but Dr. Snead said he would highly advise we rethink that plan. (I feel horrible about that, mostly for the boys' sake!!) 

I realize you can walk around for a couple of weeks in my condition and it doesn't necessarily mean anything is eminent, I just wasn't expecting him to say I was at a 2 at all! I've been having so many contractions, and on Saturday night they got pretty uncomfortable and were four minutes apart for almost two hours. Just when I started thinking, uh oh... is this it... they stopped. Thankfully! On one hand it's exciting to think how soon he could be here, but I'm really not ready for baby boy to make his debut quite yet. It would make me feel much better if he fattened up for a couple more weeks. (And gave me time to check some more things off of my to do list, let's be honest.)

Other than that they are pretty hit or miss, nothing consistent, the only thing different is they are getting a lot more uncomfortable than they were a week or so ago. Sleeping is pretty much a lost art between bathroom trips, trying to heave my giant belly back and forth to get comfortable, and the contractions.

Dr. Snead didn't put me on bed rest or anything, he did say if I had been 32 or 33 weeks I probably would be at the hospital getting medicine to slow things down and put on bed rest. I guess around 34 weeks they pretty much just let things take their course. He said to take it easy as much as possible for the next three weeks, and we'll see how things go. Luckily, Emilee is home from college and so between her helping me out a couple days a week and Teri, I think I should be in good shape!

It's exciting and nerve wracking and scary all at the same time! If I had to guess, I would say I have another couple of weeks, just based on how I feel. The week I had Everett I felt so much pain and pressure I could hardly walk. I'm not at that point yet, just really tired. Who knows, I guess I could even end up going full term, but it seems unlikely. I can't believe the end is creeping up on us so quickly!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

The One Where I'm Getting A NEPHEW & Other Festivities

We had a weekend chalk full of EXCITING celebrations!!

On Friday Layne kept the boys and Hattie and Nora for a couple of hours while Kimba and I ran a few errands and had lunch KID FREE. Apparently some mayhem ensued while we were gone...

Love these crazy little cousin friends so much!!

And speaking of cousins... Friday afternoon was something I have been waiting for forever!!! ANDREA AND CHRIS ARE HAVING A BABY (I'm going to be an aunt!!!!!), and I was the lucky one Andrea chose to open the sonogram envelope with the baby's gender!!!! I spent the last week borderline obsessing about this, I couldn't have been more excited if it were one of my own kids. I have just been ecstatic about the whole thing! Four nights in a row I had dreams about what their baby was/that I lost the envelope or forgot to open it and ruined their reveal, etc. By the time Friday afternoon rolled around and Andrea dropped off the envelope I was pacing around the house eating chocolates. I was BESIDE MYSELF with excitement!!!

Andrea wanted to do a gender reveal with a box of balloons, so earlier in the week I decorated a box for them and after I opened the envelope I picked up some balloons of the correct color (without the boys seeing it- no way they could have kept that a secret!). Friday evening we headed over to Andrea & Chris's house for a small party with the box in tow ready to party.
Logan and Everett were so excited all week long! Logan kept insisting it was a boy and begged me to tell him what his cousin was, and even though I felt like I was about to burst with the happy news, I didn't say a word. Everett was just excited because we all were.
Also, the boys have a serious fascination with babies- which works out well given our current situation. 

Everything was decorated so cute for the party!

We made our predictions...
Played a game where we read all of the gender wives' tales...

Then, Nick and I got the box all ready to go for them. I was so nervous it would malfunction somehow.
Then it was TIME!!!

BLUE! BLUE! BLUE! I cannot believe we are going to have four little boys in the family!!!!! It is going to be an absolute blast! My heart is overflowing with excitement for Andrea and Chris. I still can't believe they're having a BOY! I just knew it was a girl (until I opened the sonogram and saw the familiar site I have seen every single time myself, ha!) I know gender reveal parties are a new thing and seem kind of silly to some people, but I think they are my favorite celebration of all!! 

On Saturday morning the baby celebrations continued as Andrea and I helped host a baby shower for a friend of ours. The party was at Al & Teri's house, and everything turned out so well! As much as I love having boys, those precious pink outfits at baby showers kill me just a little bit. There is nothing cuter!

Then Saturday afternoon was our neighborhood block party! This is always so much fun! We had a bounce house and water slide for the kids, hamburgers and hot dogs, a visit from the ice cream man and a fire truck, cookies, a popcorn machine... basically the adults all sat around in lawn chairs and visited while the kids ran back and forth down the street barefoot stuffing themselves with junk food and playing. The little girls went and got a bride costume and a baby stroller, so that got thrown in the mix for a while as well. I'm pretty sure every single kid pushed the toy stroller at some point or another. It was pretty much perfection for all the ages.

There was a good hour and a half where we never even saw the boys' faces, they were crammed in the bounce house with all the other kids. We would call out to Logan from our lawn chairs, "Are you and Everett okay in there?" And he would holler, "Yep!" And we all went back to our respective activities. BRILLIANT! 

After the party was over we were walking home across our lawn and Everett looked up at me (he was wearing Logan's shoes for some unknown reason) and said nonchalantly, "Good party!" No one would disagree with him there.

Sunday was a little more low key- I worked a lot in the nursery and we had a birthday celebration for Andrea & Chris at Al & Teri's house! Loads of celebrating and happy festivities this weekend!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Standing At The Edge of Tomorrow."

Please tell me at least one person out there reading this watched Saved By The Bell The College Years and knows what song I'm referring to in the title ^^. Bueller? Bueller? No? Okay. Moving on.

My most peaceful mornings start out like this.
Mind you, I'm not actually doing a lick of yoga. But I do find it's so much more comfortable and grounding [no pun intended] to sit on the floor with the shutters open for my morning quiet time these days. I have a beautiful view of our front flower beds and my three little squirrel friends who scamper across the yard and up the trees every single morning. When it rains, and I'm not too lazy to make myself a cup of hot tea, it's even better! I am so thankful for my beautiful office and a space that's all mine! I love starting my day this way. When the baby comes mornings will probably look much different.

Normally, I get up around 6:45 and do this for 15 minutes or so. Nick is typically at the gym. Everett is still snoozing, and Logan is in the living room watching his fifth iPad show and eating his second chocolate bar. He is killing us with his mornings. Really, it's like he doesn't even need parents anymore. Nick and I wake up around 6:30 or 6:45 and always find Logan fully dressed in the living room watching PBS Kids on the iPad and eating a breakfast that he's conjured up- either a banana, a cup of yogurt, or a chocolate Kind Bar (or two).  His water cup has been properly filled for the day, and occasionally he will even have his shoes on. Yesterday he had put a big glob of gel in his hair. We're pretty sure he gets up around 6:15 each morning, but really, there's no telling.

We've tried all the things. He has the alarm clock with the light that comes on, and we've done rules/consequences/rewards for him staying in his room until 7:00. It works, but it seems silly. He sits on his bed with the lights turned on and calls out, "How many minutes 'til 7:00?" repeatedly, or reads his Bearenstain Bears books out loud at such a deafening volume it wakes us up anyway. We temporarily took away the iPad and then tried putting it in our bedroom so he has to come in there first. We put a 30 minute timer on the iPad. He found other things to occupy himself in the mornings that didn't involve us or the iPad. It doesn't matter how early he goes to bed or how late he stays up, his mornings are the same.

So there comes a point where you just have to shrug and say, it is what it is. He's safe, and he's I guess it's okay. He doesn't have access to anything Internet related on the iPad. He's not the kind of kid that's going to get out scissors or paint or get into things. He doesn't try to go outside (the alarm is set anyway if he tried)... He just wants to wake up, get dressed, get himself some breakfast and watch his shows. I'm pretty sure if we had a coffee pot he would probably fix himself a cup of coffee as well. 

The upside to this is, he's back to napping most afternoons along with Everett and somehow it doesn't totally wreck his bedtime. This is key right now because I desperately need a mid afternoon nap or at least a short rest myself. Some days I crawl in bed with him or cat nap on the couch, and it just makes the evenings that much better. The whole thing seems incredibly unorthodox for a four year old to be starting his day all by himself, but if it's working for everybody then I guess it's okay.

Today was Logan's last day of preschool for the year.
First day back in September 
Last day today!

He is now very opinionated about his clothes, his shoes, his hair... all of it! Today was Pirate Day at school, and he's been so excited for the last week. I went and bought him a white t-shirt, a bandana for his head and some red fabric for a belt. I also made a special trip to the party store and picked up a few small things like an eye patch, a gold necklace and a gold hoop earring. He was so excited and has been wearing his pirate stuff around for the past couple of days. Well then this morning rolled around, and he decided he didn't feel like dressing like a pirate after all. Nick and I both tried so hard to convince him (I spent so much time gathering up all that stuff!), but he just was not having it. What are you going to do? I'm not going to force the kid to wear pirate stuff if he doesn't want to. I sent everything in a bag to school in case he changed his mind, but he never did. Luckily, he wasn't the only non-pirate, and even if he had been, I really don't think he would have cared. 

That's one of the very best and also the very most frustrating things about Logan. He is who he is, and he likes what he likes. He doesn't care one iota what anyone else thinks about it, and he's not going to be convinced otherwise. I think this is going to be a trait that serves him well in the long run. 
I couldn't help but feel a little bit sad, as excited as I am for summer and for Logan to be at home and for the baby to come, today marked the last day (forever!) of just Everett and I. I have so loved spending every Tuesday and Thursday for the past two years just us. He is so funny and fun, and we have had the best days! Whether we were out running errands, playing at home, going to music class or Little Gym, or hanging out with Kimba and Nora... he has been my little buddy, just like Logan was for two years.

Today was also his last day at Little Gym, which is a little bit sad too. I can't believe that time has come and gone! We started going when he was around 9 months old, and he's had fun but he's just kind of outgrown it.

In the last couple of months I can tell it doesn't hold his interest like it used to. I signed him up for a little indoor soccer class over the summer, and I think it will be a good change of pace.

So as the school year is drawing to a close and one chapter is ending, we are on the brink of another very exciting one beginning! All of the sweet little baby things have started making an appearance around the house once again!

I just love seeing these things and anticipating our sweet little babe getting here. Unfortunately Lexi doesn't hold the same sentiments. As I was pulling stuff out this week you could literally see the dread and fear in her eyes. Lucky for her, she can't hear anymore so the nights of her pacing the floor while the newborn baby cries just might be over.
The last thing I have today is this note I found taped to my bathroom door after I got out of the shower yesterday morning. 
Logan told me it said STOP, and while it's obviously backwards, I was absolutely blown away!! The kindergarten teacher in me could barely contain her excitement!! Pre emergent writing, WHAAAT?!? I had no clue he could (more or less) sound out words and write letters without copying them. This was my most favorite part of teaching EVER, watching kids learn how to sound out words and read and write. Looks like we're on brink of more super exciting stuff!